Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 6 Episode 7

The Pit

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1994 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Two martial artists are booked into the fight of the century by their overbearing wives, who despise one another.

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  • This is not so much a horror story as one about turning the tables on the real instigators of the situation. The women should have been the ones involved in the cage match in the first place.moreless

    The idea of having two men possibly kill one another provokes thoughts of having two pit bulls thrown into an enclosure for the "pleasure" of some sadistic fans. As the episode goes on, we are shown that it is not the men who want this, rather it is the fierce competition between their wives which is the major factor driving this violent confrontation. Each time that the movie producer separates the two women before they can physically attack each other, one can't help but think that he should step aside and let them have at it. And, each time the women try to force violent feelings that they have onto their husbands, you have to think, they are like handlers doing whatever it takes to keep the pit bulls at each other's throat. At the end of the episode, you have to agree with the husbands who shake their heads but admit, "they probably will kill each other.moreless
Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton

Wink Barnum

Guest Star

Mark Dacascos

Mark Dacascos

Felix Johnson

Guest Star

Debbe Dunning

Debbe Dunning

Aubrey Scott

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Wayne Newton receives the "and" credit.

    • Music: Composed by Kevin Gilbert.

    • Crypt Keeper Wardrobe: In the opening and closing wraparound segments, the Crypt Keeper is wearing pajamas and a night cap and is decorating a christmas tree.

    • Although the Crypt Keeper's opening and closing wraparound segments are Christmas themed, the actual episode is not.

    • In the Crypt Keeper's opening wraparound segment, he sings a part from the song, "Deck The Halls With Parts Of Charlie" from the Tales From The Crypt: Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas holiday CD.

    • The Crypt Keeper's Christmas CD, Tales From The Crypt: Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas and the Talking Crypt Keeper doll appear in this episode on the Crypt Keeper's tree.
      These are actual items available for purchase.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper dressed in pajamas, decorating for Christmas.]
      The Crypt Keeper : [singing to tune of "Deck the Halls"] La, lalala, lalalala, lalalalala, [hums last bit] Deck the halls with parts of Charlie, falalalala, lalalala. Make the yuletide gross and gnarly, falalalala, lalahaha. [laughs] Oh, hello creeps. It's me, your favorite holiday spirit, doing a little Cryptmas decorating. Boy, do I love this time of year. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your...[gets bitten offscreen]...Hey Jack! Get away from me! [fights back, falls backwards off ladder] I guess he's off my Christmas chopping list. Which brings to mind tonight's terror tale. It's about two martial artists who do some chopping of their own in a tasteless fright to the finish I call "The Pit".

      [Closing wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper decorating a fireplace for Christmas in pajamas.]
      The Crypt Keeper: I guess in the end, the choke was on the girls. Choke hold, that is. [Laughs] I don't know about you, kiddies, but my money's on Aubrey. I think she's a little fester to the punch. Well you know what they say, the scream always rises! [laughs, picks up copy of 'Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas'] There, all done. Now I'll have a little eggnog, listen to a few helliday tunes, and wait for Santa Claus to come. Hmm...maybe I should throw another Yule log on the fire. [cut to bound and gagged elf and back to Cryptkeeper with axe] I wonder how Yule will feel about that. [laughs]

    • Andrea Johnson: Define "totally unconscious".
      Aubrey Scott: Kind of like your husband is already.

    • Aubrey Scott: Oh gosh, Felix Johnson. He couldn't act his way out of a locker room towel fight.

    • Aubrey Scott: If I hear the name 'Johnson' one more time, I'm going to personally come down there and dip your face in battery acid and send pictures to your kids!

  • NOTES (3)

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Death of Some Salesmen

      Season five episode of Tales From The Crypt about a scheming traveling salesman who meets a family who have had quite some experiences with salesmen.

      In this episode, Wink asks his secretary to call Judd Campbell's office in Hollywood. This was the name of the salesman, played by Ed Begley Jr.

    • The Three Stooges

      Popular physical slapstick comedy trio featured in several shorts and feature films for over five decades from the late 1920's to the early 1970's. The Stooges comedy while not for all tastes, consisted of whacky story lines, one-liners, eye pokes, face slaps and nose tweaks followed by unique sound effects. Possibly, the most well-known incarnation of the Stooges were Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Howard, however, another incarnation featuring Moe, Larry and Shemp Howard are equally as well known. Although the lineup for the Stooges changed throughout the years, Moe Howard remained with the team from the beginning until his death in 1975. Almost 80 years after they first debuted, The Three Stooges are timeless as they still have a pretty large fanbase to this day and to some fans they believe the Stooges are to comedy what the Beatles and Elvis Presley were to music. Popular actor Mel Gibson has stated many times his love for the Three Stooges and even incorporated this trait into his character of Martin Riggs for the Lethal Weapon film series. The Three Stooges are stil shown on some networks and always for some reason are more popular among men than women with their comedy usually considered a "guy thing".

      In this episode, before she's off to her affair, Aubrey Scott says to Aaron, "Look, why don't you order up some room service, watch a little Three Stooges on TV, I'll be back in time to tuck you in".

    • HBO

      HBO or Home Box Office is a commercial free 24 hour a day pay-tv service that began telecasting in 1972. HBO grew to prominence in the late 70's when it began broadcasting live NHL hockey games, comedy events, documentaries, entertainment specials and major boxing events along with it's first run uncut movies. In the early 80's the network began making original films and by the end of the decade had won many awards for their original progamming. HBO has since become largely well known for their quality original TV series such as Dream On, The Larry Sanders Show, The Sopranos, Oz, Deadwood, Entourage, Sex And The City and of course Tales From The Crypt and are also well known for their major live sporting events such as boxing and NFL weekly Hi-lite shows.

      In this episode, to convince them of the money they can make off a fight between their husband's of that magnitude, Wink says to the wives, "We're talking 30 million pay-per-view subscriptions worldwide, not to mention the live gate, not to mention HBO".

    • NFL

      The National Football League or simply NFL is the most popular sport league in the United States averaging over 60, 000 fans per game. A typical NFL season begins in September and ends around late December early January playing games each Sunday of the week, with playoffs beginning in January leading to the huge championship event, The Superbowl. By 2008 there are 32 teams currently competiting in the league divided into two conferences, the the American Football Conference or AFC and the National Football Conference or simply NFC. Televised broadcasts of the NFL garner huge ratings and are very profitible to the networks due to huge advertising revenue leading into the Superbowl, one of the most watched shows of the year which is as much watched for the first run commercials as it is for the game. The weekly NFL game recaps are also a huge part of hi-light shows shown on sports based networks such as ESPN and TSN.

      In this episode, after the Aubrey/Andrea interviews on the sportscast about their husband's role in the Pulverizer film, the sportscaster cuts away and says, "Be careful what you wish for guys, you just may get it. In other sports, plenty of NFL action for you".

    • Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

      One of the six major American film studios and part of the media conglomerate, News Corporation which is controlled by Rupert Murdoch. In 1986, the film studio branched into television with a sister company when Fox Broadcasting Company or simply FOX took to the airwaves with such hits as The Simpsons, Married With Children, X-Files and the massive phenomenons, American Idol and 24. With their acquisition of Monday Night Football from CBS in 1993, FOX became a true competitor to the other three major networks at the time, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Most movies released by Fox throughout the years are of the popcorn variety focusing on big screen comedies and high profile action films. Major hits such as Star Wars, X-Men, Alien, Die Hard and Planet Of The Apes have achieved several sequels and have proved very profitable for the company. In addition to their films and TV network, the studio is also well known for their art deco logo and popular and often parodied musical fanfare.

      In this episode, the Pulverizer film that Felix Johnson and Aaron Scott are up for is from 20th Century Fox. The sportscaster says, "You know word out west is that both of these guys are up for the lead in the new 20th Century Fox film, Pulverizer".

    • Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Danny Glover, and Mel Gibson

      The duos of Paul Newman and Robert Redford; and Danny Glover and Mel Gibson each produced popular movies of their generations. Newman and Redford were together in The Sting and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid while Glover and Gibson are most well known for the Lethal Weapon series, which was directed by Richard Donner, one of the founding fathers of this series.

      In this episode, Wink Barnum exclaims, "I can see it all now. The new Newman and Redford. The new Glover and Gibson". This is in comparison to Aaron and Felix's team-up in "The Pulverizer" film.

    • Police Academy

      Released in 1984, The original Police Academy film was seen as a classic of zany slapstick comedy much in the same vein as Airplane! and the Naked Gun films. Over time, the series was sequeled numerous times, each time with the quality of the sequel being generally percieved to be worse and worse. At the time of this episode's airing, there were seven films in the series.

      In this episode Andrea exclaims, "If she's determined on embarassing her husband, I hear they're casting Police Academy 10! Clearly a stab at the amount of ridiculous sequels the Police Academy series has and the downward spiral of quality each sequel attained.

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger

      Famous Austrian bodybuilder turned actor, noted for his mega-popular early 80's to early 90's reign as one of the top box-office attractions in the world. Among his many string of hits were, Conan The Barbarian, The Terminator, The Running Man, Total Recall and True Lies. He became as well known for his action films as he did for his dry sense of pun type humor which he used a lot in his movies. It should be noted, this pun type humor is not unlike the Crypt Keeper's and his first directorial effort came with the season 2 episode of "Tales From The Crypt", "The Switch". At the time of this episode's airing in 1994, Schwarzenegger was still somewhat of a bankable star, it would be a few years later that he would have a few box-office bombs and lose his title as the #1 action movie star. He went on to become Governor of California in 2003.

      In this episode, while talking to her husband's agent about a role in an upcoming action film, "The Pulverizer", Andrea Johnson, who wants the role for her husband Felix at all costs, tells him, "I don't care if Schwarzenegger wants to bend over for all of them".

    • Evander Holyfield

      Former multiple time world boxing heavyweight champion in the 1990's, noted for his charisma, clean work-ethic, his multitude of advertising campaigns and his many public displays of his belief in christianity. In 1991, Upon his rise to super stardom, he was set to clash with another popular but controversial boxer, Mike Tyson. As Tyson was sentenced to prison in 1992, their first epic encounter did not take place until 1996.

      At the time of this episode's airing, Tyson was still in prison and would be about three years away from the now famous ear biting incident which took place during their second encounter where Tyson bit a piece of Holyfield's ear off. In this episode, Wayne Newton's Character Wink Barnum, a fight promoter has the idea to promote "Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield, Live from the Indiana State Prison". Tyson was still in prison at the time of this episode's airing, so this actually would have been something of a true dream for most boxing promoters.

    • Mike Tyson

      Former world boxing heavyweight champion in the late 80's early 90's, noted for not only his incredible early career knockouts but also for his outrageous actions outside the ring, including being convicted of rape and sentenced to three years in prison in 1992. Before his sentence, he was set to battle popular fighter Evander Holyfield, which was put on hold until he was released, they first fought in 1996.

      At the time of this episode's airing, Tyson was still in prison and was about three years away from the now famous ear biting incident with Evander Holyfield, which took place during their second fight.

      In this episode, Wayne Newton's Character Wink Barnum, a fight promoter has the idea to promote "Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield, Live from the Indiana State Prison".
      Tyson was still in prison at the time of this episode's airing, so this actually would have been something of a true dream for most boxing promoter's.

    • Talking Crypt Keeper doll

      A doll of the Crypt Keeper released in 1993 as part of the animated 'Tales From The Crypt Keeper' animated series but look was modeled after the HBO version. This doll came in a few different outfits, straw hat beach wear and tuxedo. A button was located on his chest which said phrases when pressed. The doll can be found in original 'Tales From The Crypt Keeper' packaging as well as later releases in 'Tales From The Crypt' packaging.

      A Talking Crypt Keeper doll in tuxedo is placed on the Crypt Keeper's Christmas tree in this episode.
      An obvious product placement at the time of this episode's airing.

    • Tales From The Crypt: Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas

      The Crypt Keeper released a Christmas CD in November, 1994 with his own twisted take on holiday classics such as 'We Wish You'd Bury The Missus', ''Twas the Fright Before Christmas' and some original material such as the 'Christmas Rap'.
      CD can be found on Amazon and Ebay.

      The CD appears in this episode on the Crypt Keeper's tree, an obvious product placement as it was released around the same time this episode aired.

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