Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 7 Episode 13

The Third Pig

Aired Unknown Jul 19, 1996 on HBO

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  • Well, it isn't really a tearjerker, but it certainly is sad that this is the series finale. However... a GREAT series finale.

    Probably the best episode of the last two seasons. Right next to this same season's "Confession." A grotesque, and very crude animated episode about the three little pigs. The three pigs aren't as cute in this version of the story and the wolf does a little more then try to blow their houses down. It is a story of extreme violence followed by revenge. I won't say too much more for the people who have yet to see it. Just be warned of its strong violence. Not something you want to show young children. 1word 2word 3word 4word 5word 6word 7word.
  • Unique series finale.

    They ended the season and the series with this fantastic, hilarious animated take on the Three Little Pigs, one of the Crypt Keeper\\\'s Grim (One \\\"m\\\") Fairy Tales. Being a huge fan of the comics as well as the series at the time this first aired I was waiting for an adaptation of one of the EC Grim Fairy Tales as they were just hilarious, nothing was sacred to the EC staff, in their versions, The untidy Seven Dwarfs poisioned a clean freak Snow White & The Sleeping Beauty only slept during the day cause she was a vampire, among others. Here the legend of the Three little pigs gets the Crypt Keeper treatment, with one being an alcoholic, another a chain smoker and the last being straight laced, and of course, their nemisis the Big Bad Wolf is on hand as well. This is not your average saturday morning fare and is nothing like the animated Crypt Keeper series that aired in the early 90\\\'s. While the language is not really that bad, it\\\'s more suggestive, there is a ton of cartoon violence, nothing that would freak anyone out tho, just make them think that whoever made this is demented, that\\\'s about it.What needs to be mentioned that may get on some people\\\'s nerves after awhile is that most of the lines spoke by the characters are in rhyme to keep with the fairy tale theme, this comes across as unique at first but then becomes tedious and repititive. Of course the wolf can\\\'t rhyme all the time, which becomes the episodes running joke. Another thing I liked though was that the law and the legal system were all made up of wolves, which would suck if you were a pig. Crypty is on hand as narrator which I thought was a nice touch. This was one of my favorite episodes, mainly because it dared to be different and is just so whacked out, it\\\'s funny. The animation is Ren and Stimpy-ish and is quite good for what it needed to be.
    Sadly, because this episode was animated, which made it different from the other episodes it kind of doesn\\\'t fit in, perhaps because people don\\\'t remember the EC Grim Fairy Tales or the subject matter was a little kiddish for a show that was filled with lunatics and killers and being part of the unpopular season seven doesn\\\'t help either, however because it\\\'s insane I couldn\\\'t help but like it.
    If you haven\\\'t seen this one, give it a look, it\\\'s unique and it\\\'s heart is in the right place and it\\\'s a fine closure to a great anthology series. Certainly the hi-lite of season 7, that\\\'s for sure.
    I wish the series would have went on because more of these Grim Fairy Tales would have been awesome.
  • Hmmmm.....interesting.

    This episode is a really tough one to talk about it. If it were not a Tales episode I would score it alot higher. It is really laugh out loud funny. That said I still to this day wonder what it was doing here? Was HBO thinking of branching out with an animated series? But it really did not belong here. It really had no roots in the EC comics (but then neither did the films but we won't go there). Definitely an enjoyable romp but a little sad it was the swan song of such a great show.
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