Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 7 Episode 13

The Third Pig

Aired Unknown Jul 19, 1996 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • No voice actor credits are given during the opening credits.

    • [Spoiler Warning]
      Goof: The zombie Frankenswine chomps the Wolf's stomach open and eats him whole, but when we see the Wolf again, his stomach is intact but his brain is chomped open and exposed. This being an animated episode, this is more likely to be deliberate errors.

    • [Spoiler Warning]
      Goof: The Wolf pops out Drinky's eye with a fork, and chops off both his arms and his head, but later when Dudley comes home to the carnage, Drinky is shown at different times, on the floor with his head intact with his legs chopped off and later with no legs, head or arms with his stomach ripped open.

      This being an animated episode, this is more likely to be deliberate errors.

    • [Spoiler Warning]
      Goof: The wolf bites the head off of Smokey and swallows the rest of his body whole, but when Dudley arrives following the wolf's carnage, some of Smokey's body parts are shown all over the room and his head is shown nailed to the wall.

      This being an animated episode, this is more likely to be deliberate errors.

    • Running gag: All the law and legal roles are occupied by wolves.

    • Running Gag: The characters speak in rhymes with the Wolf constantly forgetting his.

    • The scene where Drinky and Smokey jump on top of a fat female pig's belly is an animation reference to a Terry Gilliam animated sequence similar to it from episode 17 of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

  • Quotes

    • The Crypt Keeper: (closing wraparound segment)
      I don't know about you, kiddies, but I was glad to see the wolf hit one out of the pork. [laughs] Still, an hour from now, he'll be hungry again and bacon for more. [laughs] You'll be happy to know, creeps, that it looks like that opening I told you about has been filled. Once we hammer out a few creative stifferences, that is. (laughs, hits man tied on his desk with hammer, laughs)

    • (Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper interviewing a vampire for a job writing for the crypt)
      The Crypt Keeper: Hmmm. Son of Dracula, Return of the Son of Dracula, The Son of Dracula's Revenge! Is that all you can do? Vampire movies? I'm afraid that's not good enough. You'd have to be a bite more versatile to be on the frighting staff of Tales from the Crypt. [vampire turns to a bat and flies away.] Oh, hello creeps. As you can see we have an opening for a story deaditor. I've been conducting chop interviews all morning. No one seems to get what I'm looking for. Oh well, let's see whose next. Interesting. A brother team, Grimm. I've think I've heard of them. This has potential boils and ghouls. Its a twisted bit of gorytelling about three scaracters you may recognize...at first. It's called "The Third Pig". 

    • Zombie Frankenswine: (after being stabbed in the head several times by Dudley Pig; laughs) Little pig, little pig, quit stabbing my head.[pulls out knife] You can't kill what's already dead! (grabs Dudley by the tongue, spins him around with it and throws him against the wall)

    • The Wolf: Well, I guess that's enough for one night. I'll go visit Bo Peep, she won't put up a fight. (kisses photo of Bo Peep, removing her clothes)
      Narrator: And the naughty wolf left that dark den of iniquity and went off to molest Bo Peep.

    • Ghost Drinky: Dear brother Dudley, what's all the fuss?
      Ghost Smokey: We've got something to say, better listen to us. (coughs)
      Dudley: Holy smokes! My dead brothers! To see you is swell. Tell me, are things as hot as they say down in Hell?

    • Judge Johnson: Order! Order! Now that we're all in, the State v. Dudley Pig can begin. How do you plead?
      Dudley: Not guilty.
      Judge Johnson: (laughs, reads racing form) That's how you plead? Oh, I think that I've heard all that I need. (checks watch) I've got me a golf game, and I'm in a big hurry. I think I'm gonna hand this one off to the jury.
      Jury: (in unison) Okay, Big Daddy! (all run to deliberation room and run back a second later)
      Judge Johnson: The jury is back and a verdict they've got. Is the pig guilty, or is the pig not?
      Jury: (in unison) Ooooooooooh brother, is he guilty!

    • The Wolf: Well, well, well, what have we here? Looks like two little piggies but where is the third? I'll start with you two and then I'll... (thinks a moment) Oh, the hell with it!
      Narrator: And so, even though the wolf still couldn't find a rhyme to go with "third," he...
      The Wolf: Will you shut up about that? You try it. I haven't heard you do one rhyme yet!

    • Narrator: Dudley the pig knew that his brothers meant well. It wasn't their fault that they were born with slow minds. He preferred to remember the good times! (flashback animation starts) Ah, yes, the good times. (animation stops) But for the life of him, he couldn't remember any good times! (Dudley shrugs, gets knocked out by flying bottle)

    • Dudley: I say, you two, how's the job hunt going?
      Drinky: Ooooo... this pain in my back shows no sign of slowing.
      Smokey: It's true, brother dear. that it's jobs that we need. But the horrible truth is, we don't know how to read! (holds up upside-down want ads, both laugh)

    • Narrator: The two brothers weren't the best guests Dudley had ever had. Drinky and Smokey threw all-night parties with booze and ladies of easy virtue...
      Dudley: I say, brothers dear, could you be a little more quiet? I thought that the city was having a riot. (gets knocked out by a flying bottle)

    • The Wolf: Damn! I know you porkers are inside! You can run but you can't hide. I'll get you damn pigs if it's the last thing I do! You... you... oh, what rhymes with "you"? I'm not a damn poet! Why does everything always have to rhyme in these things? I can't help it. No one talks like that in these stupid, freaking children's... I sound like a Hallmark card or something. No one talks like that.
      Narrator: And so the wolf left without his dinner and angry (Wolf looks out of screen and bares teeth) because he couldn't end his speech on a very good rhyme. (Wolf pulls sign out of pocket that reads "Up Yers")

    • Narrator: Once upon a time there were three little piggies. Their names were Dudley, Drinky, and Smokey.
      Smokey: (coughs from smoking) What are you looking at?
      Narrator: Dudley Pig was the smartest of the three. He lived in a sturdy house made of bricks which he kept very neat and tidy. Drinky lived in a house made out of an old whiskey keg. While Smokey lived in a house made out of cigarettes and wooden matchsticks. To say that Drinkey and Smokey weren't as smart as their brother would be putting it mildly, as both were sorely lacking in the brain department. (image of martini appears over Drinky's head) Drinky only thought about one thing. (image of a bikini babe pops in his head) Well, maybe two things. While, Smokey... (head expands and pops) Smokey didn't think of anything at all. In this happy neighborhood, there also lived a devious and hungry wolf. Mr. Wolf was as bad as could be, and he had a ravenous appetite.

    • Dudley: Hello brothers dear, I'm back with the beer. (sees his brother's body parts scattered around the room, freaks, calls 911 repeatedly) Hello, police? Well, when I came home, and when I opened the door, there was blood on the ceiling, chopped up hands on the floor. (hand is shown giving middle finger) I think the wolf did it, that shifty old tramp. There's blood all over the place, the gore is still damp! My god, there's intestines strung 'round the lamp! The address on the house is Pig Number 3. Jesus Christ! There's a severed head on the TV! Be quick, be quick, please hurry here quick, I think that I'm going to be violently sick! (retches, passes out)
      Narrator: Six hours later, The police arrived.
      Dudley: Hooray, hooray! At last I can cheer, the friggin' police are finally here!

    • The Wolf: I love this ending I think it' neat, and I've only one thing to say. Pork... the other white meat!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Little Bo Peep

      A children's fairy tale about a little shepherd girl who loses her flock of sheep and cannot find them.

      In this episode, when the wolf is done drinking in the bar, he says he'll "go visit Bo Peep, she won't put up a fight".

    • Frankenstein

      Originally a novel published in 1818 written by a then 19 year old Mary Shelley. The premise is that of a doctor and his desire to bring life to the dead when he builds and brings back to life a large creature known as Frankenstein's Monster. The story is a c parable of what happens when scientists overstep their bounds and try to play God. Later, the story would be made into numerous films, most notably the 1931 version, Frankenstein, The Bride Of Frankenstein and the infamous Frankenhooker. Since the films, most people incorrectly acknowledge the monster as Frankenstein, despite that being the doctor's name.

      In this episode, to get revenge for his brother's deaths, Dudley digs up their corpses and makes them into a Zombie Frankenswine that he brings to life via lightning, all concepts taken from the Frankenstein mythos.

    • Hallmark Cards

      Hallmark is the largest maker of greeting cards in the U.S. They manufacture cards for almost any occasion and in many styles. Over time, they've also expanded into music and television (through the Hallmark Hall of Fame TV Movie and the Hallmark Channel) and own Crayola LLC, makers of the crayons of the same name, and the Rainbow Brite toy line.

      In this episode, when the Wolf can't come up with a rhyme in his first vent on the subject, he mentions that no one talks like that in children's stories and that he'd "sound like a Hallmark card", referencing the sometimes rhyming messages found in their cards.

    • Brothers Grimm

      Famed German storytellers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm were the authors of the famous "Grimm's Fairy Tales", a collection of Germany "children's stories". These works included original stories as well as re-imaginings of classic ones such as Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and the Three Little Pigs. Their versions have become known for being distinctly darker and more violent, many times stretching the "children's literature" label.

      In this episode, the Crypt Keeper mentions that we're seeing a submission from a brother team named Grimm in his search for a new writer on Tales From The Crypt. This is a reference to the brothers' dark stories.

    • The Three Little Pigs

      A famous fairy tale featuring three pigs who each build a house out of different materials and encounter a "Big Bad Wolf" who wants to eat them. There are various incarnations of this story, the most famous possibly being the Walt Disney Animated version.

      This episode is a twisted modernized retelling on the Three Little Pigs fairy tale with a horror twist. The three EC horror comics of the 50's often featured twisted takes on fairy tales in the "Grim Fairy Tale " feature. Such favorites like "Sleeping Beauty", "Hansel & Gretel" and many others were given horrific retellings.

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