Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 5

Three's a Crowd

Aired Unknown May 01, 1990 on HBO
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For their tenth anniversary, a down-on- their-luck couple are invited to a cabin owned by their wealthy former best man, but the unstable husband is convinced that his wife is having an affair and in turn, he commits an unbelievable faux pas.

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  • Paranoia to the extreme when a husband suspects his wife and their friend are having an affair. Matters are made worse when they stay with him at his cabin for their anniversary where the wife and friend spend an awful lot of time alone together.moreless

    This is one of the few episodes that I hate. It's so poorly acted, but the thing that annoys me the most is how stupid the characters and story are written. The husband's wife and their friend are almost shoving it in his face that how could he not think they're having an affair, and how could they not see they're upsetting him. With the way they act, you would think they want to make him crazy with jealousy. The secrecy and way they are blind to his obvious jealousy seem overly forced just to get to the twist at the end. The story itself isn't bad but it's handled so badly that it ruins the whole idea and makes the outcome moronic.moreless
  • Slow and misconceived

    The credits aren't promising. No popular actor, nor writer or director. Who is David Burton Morris? His filmography explains why I don't know his name. There is nothing to remember him for. Same for the writers and the actors. With credits like these I expect at least a good story to compensate the lack of the usual "big names".

    Well, "Three's a Crowd" disappoints on this level too. The episode is extremly slow-paced. The husband is jealous for 3/4 of the episode and after the first scene everything seems to repeat itself for about 4 times while moving along at a really slow speed. Everything builds up to an somewhat predictable ending which pays off in one way but doesn't in many others. We know things aren't as they seem and even though we don't know exactly what the wife and the friend are planning we know it's not what the husband thinks. And when the twist comes it has a bit of that good "Crypt" feeling but it also is extremly mean and cruel which somehow spoils the fun.

    Usually the stories work because everyone is evil and the most evil ones are punished in the end. But here no one is really evil. The husband's jealousy is somewhat understandable and the behavior of the wife and the friend isn't. It is made absolutely clear that the husband is extremly jealous and has been for a while. But still they torture him and don't even try to calm him down, they even fuel his bad feelings. So, in the end, we don't really know what to feel. The ending is just cruel because no one gets what he or she deserves.

    The actors don't really help. While Gavan O'Herlihy is annoyingly overacting, Ruth de Sosa is boringly underacting. Paul Lieber remains ambigous all through the end. The cinematography is dark, almost too much and the music is just standard stuff. And although the servant very obviously carries an axe around, there is no use for it in the end which, Crypt-logical-wise, makes no sense. If there's an axe displayed that clearly, it has to be put to use.

    Overall, a boring episode all through the somewhat mis-shaped end.moreless

    The Actors may be nobodys and the director may have never been heard of before, but if one really pays attention to this episode, it has a lesson to teach: Dont jump to conclusions! Sure, all the signs pointed to her cheating on her husband, but things are not always what they seem to be. I cant think of nohing more horrifying, than dragging the dead body of my wife (whom I have killed) into a room full of people (probably family and friends) and to top it all off, to find out she was pregnant with my child. Excellent episode, sorely underrated, one of my favorites of the series and a classic tales from the crypt all over.moreless

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    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper as a disk jockey]
      The Crypt Keeper: Hello, party animals. Are you ready to bop 'til you drop? Dead, that is. [laughs]. Tonight I've chosen chosen a fiendish little tale from my hold of moldy oldies. We've been invited to an anniversary celebration of holy deadlock. You know to love and to perish, for richer, for horror, in sickness, and in stealth, 'til death do us part. [laughs]. This is one anniversary the husband will never forget.

      [Closing wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper dressed for a party]
      The Crypt Keeper: That's what I call dragging your wife to a party. [laughs] I guess Richard was the guest of horror after all. Just goes to show you what can happen when you let your imagination run away with you. Here's to your bad health. See you next time boys and ghouls. [laughs].

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