Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 3 Episode 5

Top Billing

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 1991 on HBO

Episode Recap

This episode is the story of a struggling actor, Barry Blye. He doesn't have "the look" of an actor, so he's been having a really hard time finding an acting job. You'd think he'd find something else to do, but he wants to act. Things go from bad to worse for Barry. His girlfriend breaks up with him. His apartment is condemned. Then, things may have started to look up for Barry. A production of Hamlet is in the works, so Barry goes for it. Unfortunately, his rival Winton Robbins also goes for it. He gets the part of Hamlet, or so he thinks. Naturally, Barry gets upset and murders Winton. Barry tells the director Winton has left and the director gives him the part. There's just three things wrong here. One, he doesn't get the part of Hamlet, he gets the part of Yorik. Two, Yorik is dead in this play, Hamlet only talks to his skull. Three, this isn't a theatre - it's a mental hospital. Remember what I said about Yorik's skull only appearing? It turns out Barry had "the look" after all.