Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 3 Episode 5

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Aired Unknown Jun 26, 1991 on HBO

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  • An out-of-luck actor who doesn't have "the look" kills a rival to take his place in a theater production of Hamlet. Before people told him they couldn't use his face, but these producers can but not in the way he had hoped!

    Jon Lovitz plays Barry Blye who is an out-of-luck actor who can't get a part in a movie because he doesn't have "the look." His old-time rival tells him to change the way he dresses and his appereance, but Berry doesn't want to disgrace his honor by doing something so desperate. When he and his old rival answer an add to a weird theater's production of Hamlet, things start getting crazy. The eccentric man casting the play (John Astin) choses Berry's rival instead of him. Tired of losing, Berry murders his rival, hides his body, lies to the man saying he got stage fright and informs him he can take his place. Berry is soon cast, but he won't be playing the role of Hamlet. He soon discovers the theater is a mental hospital, and he is playing the role of Yorick who in the play is suppose to be dead. The cut his head off and use his skull for the famous Yorick scene. And it turns out he has the look afterall!
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