Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1994 on HBO

Episode Recap

The story begins with a man named Jerry being strangled by his wife, Velma's lover in a bathtub. Velma and her lover share a talk about the dearly departed Jerry. Velma turns around to change her clothes and when she turns back around, she sees Jerry--still very much alive, killing her lover. Jerry cackles at Velma's fear. He adds that he is glad to her Velma speak highly of him, he's "all choked up...!" The scene ends as Jerry begins strangling Velma--then, the scene shifts to a black and white image in a comic book. It seems that the entire previous scene was a comic book sivler-print being read by a female artist named Rolanda. She seems to be proud of her comicbook story (titled "Whirlpool"), but her boss, Vern, hates it. He goes on to call it "A piece of shit!" Vern plees for his other employees (Hal and Iggy) to put out some good stories, as he is due at the printing press in one hour. Vern also asks for Rolanda to see him in his office. Nervously, Rolanda walks into Vern's office and is horrified to find herself being sort of interrogated by Vern. He asks "Are you drinking AGAIN?!" She replies "Honest to God, Vern, not a DROP!" Vern then whips out a bottle of liquor and says that she should take up the habit again.
When Rolanda exits Vern's office, we see Iggy and Hal watching her. Iggy states "Poor kid..." Hal replies 'Can't say ya didn't see it comin'."
Later that night, Rolanda--HEAVILY intoxicated--pays a visit to Vern. Vern, not listening to her plea for a rehiring, stands and insults her. This, however, insults Rolanda. So much so, that she draws a pistol and empties all six chambers into Vern's body.
Rolanda leaves Vern's office very happy... but this soon fades as she is bombarded by a cadre of policemen who all shoot Rolanda to a bloody pulp.
Rolanda then wakes up in her bed, still very much alive. Nervously, she heads off to work, where her "dream" begins to replay itself, much to her horror.
When Rolanda is called into Vern's office again, she tries to beg more seriously than she had before... but she is inevitably fired.
As Rolanda is dragged out of the office, kicking and screaming, we see Iggy and Hal looking on in remorse. Iggy states "Poor kid..." Hal replies "can't say ya didn't see ti comin'."
Later that night, Rolanda pays a visit to Vern, though this time she hasn't had a drop of alcohol whatsoever! This, however, doesn't stop Vern from going in a paranoid fit. he screams that Rolanda came there to kill him. So he tried to be two steps ahead of her by buying a gun for himself. He attempts to shoot Rolanda, but they begin wrestling about the office. But, Vern's finger slips and he accidentally pulls the trigger on himself. Rolanda, scared out of her mind, holds the gun in her hand. Then, a cadre of policemen burst in. Taking no time to ask questions, they fire wildly at Rolanda, killing her before she hits the ground.
Rolanda then wakes up in her apartment again. Not wanting to relive her day again, she takes her "Whirlpool" silver-print and rips it to shreds. She then calls Iggy at her office and tells him to start working on a side story for Vern to publish.
Before Rolanda can completely explain her reasoning, she is interrupted when Vern bursts into her office, yelling at her to finish her story. In a fit of anger, Vern pulls a gun from his pocket and shoots himself in the ehad (thiking that he'll lose money if he doesn't have a story to publish).
Rolanda, scared stiff, grabs the gun from Vern's hands and--before she can think clearly--a cadre of policemen burst in to arrest her.
We then see Rolanda strapped into a wooden chair, positioned in front of a large firing squad. We then see Iggy and hal in a witness booth. Iggy states "Poor kid..." Hal replies "Can't say ya didn't see it comin'." Rolanda is then shot to death by the firing squad... or is she?
Everything becomes black and white and we soon see that what we have been seeing this entier time was, in fact, a comicbook. We see Vern reading the story to Rolanda, who towers over him, smoking a cigar. She isn't too happy that Vern--the real artist--has used her likeness in her story. Rolanda insults Vern's story and tells him to see her in her office.
As Rolanda storms off, Vern looks right at the camera, and, with a worried look on his face, says "Oh shit...!"
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