Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Unknown Aug 28, 1991 on HBO

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  • boring..

    The whole time I was watching this episode I kept looking at the clock just waiting, and hoping for it to be over soon. I didn't want to turn it off cause I wanted to give it a chance. I mean, it IS afterall a "Tales From the Crypt" episode.

    So, I sat there hoping for it to get better, trying desperantly not to look at the clock so that I could say I gave it a decent chance, but I failed.

    I mean, granted, it COULD HAVE been good, but it just wasn't. It was WAY to predictable. After I got a sense of what was going on with the characters I already knew waht was going to happen at the end. And that wasn't even the worst part.

    The worst part, was how boring it was. It was like things kept repeating themselves. We already knew the guy was a coward and that his dad was supposed to be some badass that refused to believe that his own son was "yellow", but yet they kept giving us scenes to tell us that YES this is how they are.

    If you're desperant to want to see EVERY "Tales From the Crypt" episode then yes you should watch this one. But, if not, don't even bother.
  • Overrated.

    This is surprisingly to me the only episode of tales from the crypt that I dont really care for. It seemed boring to me, the first time I watched it. I gave it a second chance and I still was not impressed at all. The big name actors and the ending are the only two good things about this episode. The only reason I will watch it for a third time (and hope I like it this time) is because I am such a huge fan of the show. Hopefully I will find something I missed before, and like it sooner or later.
  • A different kind of horror story: one about the horrors of war.

    The problem with this episode is that it seems so out of place when you think about the other episodes of the series with a schlocky, conventional horror theme. This episode deals with a very different kind of horror story, one that seems very real and very possible, about a soldier whose will to live causes him to turn his back on his men, and a father who will do anything to make sure his son isn't remembered as a coward.

    It's a thought provoking episode, one that's probably lost on most of the fans of the show (not so much because it's hard to understand, but because it's so unlike what the fans want and expect when they watch the show), but the exquisite writing and acting and the unique and painful twist at the end carve it out as one of the better pieces of television I've seen, if not very representative of the series it happened to be aired in.
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