Tales From the Cryptkeeper

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Tales From the Cryptkeeper

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To capitalize on the merchandising craze brought forth by HBO's series, "Tales from the Crypt," they invented this Saturday morning cartoon. Much like the series (and EC comics) that the cartoon was based on, the show featured different child characters weekly who ended up in twisted situations, but with a little more morality play than the HBO series. Still hosting was The Cryptkeeper, and in the second season, The Vaultkeeper and The Old Witch (both narrators from the comic series) had come in to upstage The Cryptkeeper. After two seasons, the show disappeared from ABC's lineup, but resurfaced on CBS in 1997 with new episodes, under the title "New Tales from the Cryptkeeper." The Vaultkeeper and the Old Witch were now absent as hosts, and the Cryptkeeper kept popping up within the context of the story more than in the previous seasons. In 1998, CBS dropped their entire Saturday morning children's show schedule. Since then, the show has aired in Canada and elsewhere in the world, but has not been seen again in the USA. Several episodes from the first series were released on VHS by "Sony Wonder," and several episodes of the "All New" series have been released on DVD.moreless


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  • A pretty decent sequel to one of the most amazing horror series ever!

    What do you get when you get the Crypt Keeper in an animated series? A horror animated series, that's what!

    I personally like the series because it's funny and it's scary at the same time (but not too scary). I like how the characters always happened to learn something int he end (while others never lerned their lesson). Plus, the way the Old Witch and the Grave Keeper always trying to steal the show from the Crypt Keeper, that always cracked me up. Still, he managed to always come up on top of them with some very wacky schemes.

    It's not perfect, but it's very good, and I do not mind to watch the series again and again, because the animation is good, the voice cast is great and well, I love every series where we get a good scare. 9.5 out of 10.moreless
  • Its prime really wasn't that great, but this show was semi-popular when it first aired. Now it just seems very outdated. The special effects are horrible, as are the stories. For a horror show, this instills more laughter than screams.moreless

    Its prime really wasn't that great, but this show was semi-popular when it first aired. Now it just seems very outdated. The special effects are horrible, as are the stories. Infact, the show is not worth watching unless it is around the time of Halloween. Yet, even then it is not high on the priority list. When this show first aired, the effects were acceptable (not great), yet as time has passed, these B rated effects seem even more caveman like. As a result, much of the show's realism is gone and as a result, its fear factor as well. Now, like many retro items, due to its lameness it has become something to laugh at. While this defeats the purpose of the show, it also gives it a little value. Now, people can say "do you remember that show" and then will watch it and have a good time as they laugh at it. But beware, that aspect only goes so far, as this show in general is not that good.

    My final review: For a horror show, this instills more laughter than screams. Yet, that aspect makes it ok to watch now and then when you crave a look back at the past or a few chuckles.moreless
  • A lame show about stories that are neither suspenseful, scary, nor worth your time!

    Halloween-related specials arrive within the month of October. This show was better suited as to be only aired during October. However, TeleToon has continued to air it, although, previouslly cancelled shows can and should take its place. The point is, this show shouldn't be aired and I hope cancellation is imminent.