Tales From the Cryptkeeper

Season 1 Episode 6

The Sleeping Beauty

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 23, 1993 on ABC



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    • Cryptkeeper: Greetings. Today on Culture Crypt, we present a selection from one of the classics. Our tale is called "The Sleeping Beauty." It begins, once upon a slime, an evil spell was cast on a beautiful and very rich princess. She fell into a deep sleep and could only be awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince. However, her castle was surrounded by a thick, dark, inpenetrable forest in which lurked unspeakable horrors. For a hundred years, many a brave prince tried to rescue the sleeping beauty. They were never seen again. You see, entering the thick, dark, inpenetrable forest meant only one thing. Certain death.

  • Notes

    • Differences from the tale and the episode
      Bold Text= Episode
      Regular text= Tale
      -The prince gets killed
      -Prince defeats the beast

      -The prince brings a geeky friend
      -The princes' only friend (that he brings) is his sword.

      -S.B. is a geek
      -S.B. is a princess looking lady.

  • Allusions

    • -: No Quote or speaker, refers to the whole thing
      This is based upon the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. There is alot of things different. Look in the notes section for whats different.

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