Tales from the Darkside

Season 1 Episode 16

Answer Me

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1985 on

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  • It doesn't make any sense

    Yes, the episode is creepy up to a point. And Jean Marsh (Doctor Who - three different roles) gives an effective one-woman performance. But the episode doesn't make any sense! She doesn't desserve to die, there's no reason given for her dying, and apparently she lives in a totally empty apartment building as no one else is bothered by the constantly-ringing phone.

    Plus while the constant ringing, the pounding noises, and the holes in the wall are creepy, the whole thing is ruined when the phone "comes to life" by someone pushing it along the floor with a POV camera and some wire F/X to get it to wrap around her neck.

    So... apparently this woman just had the bad luck to sublet an apartment next to a killer phone. Oh well. I remember seeing this when it was first on and remembering it didn't make much sense. I thought I'd catch it on the SciFi marathon October 2006 to see what I missed... and I hadn't missed anything. Oh well.
  • Scary!, this episode will scare the daylights out of you.

    This episode is a series classic, I don't care what anybody thinks, this episode is very frightening, and freaky. The episode is twisted and schizophrenic from the start to the end. An english woman who is subletting an apartment, realizes that someone next door, won't stop banging the walls and using the telephone, but to her surprise there's no person living in the apartment, the only thing that happens to still be there is, the telephone!, the depliction of the woman' downfall from sanity to insanity is absolutely superb. And the ending is still a shocker, as the mystery behind the murderous force of the telephone is still left unknown.
  • A woman is tormenting by banging on a wall and by a phone that won't stop ringing. To her surprise, she finds out the apartment next door is vacant.

    The first time I saw this episode it really did frighten me a little bit. The banging on the wall and the phone that wouldn't stop ringing was a little bit creepy. Then she finds out no one lives there and things seem a little stranger. And it's all coupled with her sitting around the apartment talking to herself constantly. This whole episode was sone very well, it has a creepy undertone that's pretty frightening along with plenty of spots that will make you jump. Another one of my favorites from the series.
  • A woman complains about a noise next door, only to discover that no one is living next door. But there has to be, she says, and it sounds like it is trying to break through the wall and get to her...

    "Answer Me" is another episode that makes this list of classic episodes. From the constant banging on the walls next door that is an unoccupied room, you know that something bad is going to happen. I remember this episode when I was young, and it really scared me. It still does when I watch this episode. It is creepy, but no monsters are in the episode. The story they give about what happened in the room really does good at setting up the story. The acting is great and it makes anyone who watches the episode afraid of banging noises.