Tales from the Darkside

Season 4 Episode 15

Do Not Open This Box

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 15, 1988 on

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  • An old couple find a box that says "Do Not Open This Box". The greedy wife opens it, but finds nothing. A delivery man stops by and asks for the box and he will give anything for it, as long as no one has opened it.

    This is one of the best episodes of the season, since it has a feel of the Twilight Zone to it, while keeping it's Tales from the Darkside touch. The acting in this episode by everyone is great, you like the old man but hate the greedy woman. The delivery man is the best, because he comes off as a nice guy, but you learn he isn't a guy at all. Overall, this episode is definitely one of the best and you should see this one for sure. If you like Twilight Zone or Tales from the Darkside, you will like this!
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