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Tales from the Darkside

Season 2 Episode 5

Halloween Candy

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 1985 on
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Episode Summary

Halloween Candy
A mean old man harboring an intense hatred for the celebration of Halloween is left alone by his son to hand out candy to the neighborhood children. The old man initially ignores the trick-or-treaters, but later cruelly fills their bags with a mixture of syrup and cleaning fluid. Satisfied, the old man retreats to his armchair to watch television, when a goblin-like creature pays him a visit. The creature relentlessly asks the old man for candy and he eventually shuts himself inside the house to avoid it. He suddenly realizes that he is unable to make phone calls as the goblin continues to stalk him from outside the house. Finally deciding to confront the creature, the old man walks out to the porch, only to discover that the goblin has vanished. He goes back into the house and looks out the window one last time. As he closes the curtain, he is confronted face-to-face by the creature inside the house, who again asks him for candy. Shocked and frightened, he falls to the floor and passes out, as the creature leaves. Days later, his son returns from work, only to find his father dead on the floor. According to the medical examiner, the old man had survived in the house for weeks on nothing but a bag of Halloween candy.moreless

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  • Trick

    This is another of my top ten favorate tales for this show. What makes is just as cool is the fact that it was directed by make up effects master Tom Savini whom I think is a capable director he also did the remake to "Night of the Living Dead" which I think is an underrated gem, it's too bad he didn't do more TV and Movie directing. Also this tale may have been a partial inspiration toward the forth anthology tale in the horror movie "Trick or Treat".

    There really isn't a lot to say it's kinda a simple poetic revenge tale, the old man is just rotten to the core you just don't like him or feel sympathy, he's pritty much just the embodyment of the stereotype old, fat, and lazy which is exactly what he is. He is just mean to the kids for no good reason even though all he had to do was give them candy, honestly it wouldn't of killed him in fact it would of been the very thing to save him. I really like how the story has a sense of disorentation, issolation and clastrophobia, the old guy starts to pick up some hallusinations from certain images that flash on the tv down to the amount of cockroaches that were in his house sort of reminded me of that anthology story "Their Creep up at you" from the movie "Creepshow" it was creepy and gross.

    The goblin doesn't dissapoint, the make up effects are great and done by Tom Savini himself, the goblin looks like it could be one of the trolls from "Ernest Scared Stupid". Anyway it's a good monster because it's goal is simple to get candy, mischavous, and is a psychic whom is the cause of the hallusinations. I even like the voice, the goblin doesn't say much but just hearing the tone of the voice can make you nervious. We also don't see the Goblin much but that adds to the dread because we know this Goblin can and will make it's move anytime it's wants.

    This tale is a real treat.

  • One of the better episodes.

    This episode does a great job of creating suspense. I was impressed how they were able to make the goblin actually pretty creepy. When I first saw him I thought he would be goofy, but he turned out to be quite evil. Plus there was alot of cockroaches, which really make me feel uneasy. Overall the suspense, music, and makeup for this episode are top notch. Classic TFTDS.
  • This episode is truely scary, it is the most frightening, creepy, and down right geuinely horrific episode ot TDFS. This episode is not for the weak-hearted or people who faint easily, you've been warned!moreless

    This episode is about an old miser or old man, you just happens to have an intense hatred for Halloween, and doesn't like to see any trick or treaters or just children for that matter to come to his door, but he takes it too far, when he does something totally insulting to this kid, and soon pays a very evil price. He makes this really nasty goblin goo, that's made out of ammmonia, and some other nasty stuff, and put the stuff in his bag, the kid then leaves disgusted and sad, because of his cruelty, but little does he know someone or SOMETHING very evil, is stalking him, and is coming to teach him a lesson. When I saw this episode, I was pretty shocked out of mind, many episodes of TFDS, or scary, some or horrific, but this beats them all with a punch, I was freaked out of myy mind, when I saw the images of the goblin or halloween demon, waiting outside his house, for the old man, I almost couldn't believe what I seeing, it was that scary. At first the goblin seems a little bit goofy, when he's dressed up as trick or treater, but when the images of the creature on the television, you realize just how evil the thing really is, and believe me, those teeth or fangs on the goblin almost scared me to death. The schizrophrenic atmosphere of this episode,combined with the images of the demonic creature just waiting outside his house, and other little things, like cockroaches, time not moving, the corpse on the television, and few others, make this not only one the absolute scariest TFDS episodes, but one for the horror genre's record books. Not matter how many times I watched it this episode, it always scares me, from beginning to end, it's a great episode, that scared me to brink, of well absolute terror. I don't want to spoil it anymore, but be warned.... don't watch, this episode, unless your ready, it's that scary.moreless
  • An old man who hates everyone and everything delights in makiing others as miserable as he is, until one Halloween when he decides not to simply ignore, but to torment some innocent trick-or-treaters. Ultimately, the trick is on him.moreless

    This episode is a classic, "you get what you deserve" episode. The tormenting of the old man is perfect payback not only for how mean he is to the trick-or-treaters, but how miserably he treats his own son who obviously does his best to help take care of his father and provide him with some company.

    So much of what happens to the old man is really disturbing. Not only does the goblin harass him, but he's plagued by swarms of cockroaches. You certainly don't feel sorry for him at the end. It's terrific poetic justice that he's found starved to death and the police determine he hasn't eaten in days, despite the fact that his son brought him food earlier that day. The one disappointment for me was that because of the old man's death, the son was arrested for neglecting his father, despite the fact that he had been bringing his father food and was trying to keep his father from being so misanthropic.moreless
Tim Choate

Tim Choate

Michael Killup

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Roy Poole

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David K. Varnay

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