Tales from the Darkside

Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1986 on
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When an art collector, Harte, buys a stolen painting of the Inquisition, he soon receives a visit from a monk who advises him to return the stolen picture... or else.

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  • A story about divine punishment. When a collector gets a stolen painting, a mysterious holy force plans on getting it back at any cost.

    Loved this episode, it was dark, gritty, had no comedy and it a good lesson-you don't get something for nothing.

    A thief buys a painting from another thief. The painting is very rare apparently from the times of the Spanish Inquisition. There's also another item with the painting a special bowl. Even though the summary calls him a "collector", Mr. Harte, is really a thief. He buys stolen goods then pawns them.

    Harte thinks he has a gold mine but when a friar pops out of nowhere things are going down. The friar tells him to return the items. He tells him how the bowl he think as a "beggar's bowl" is really the blow of Saint Bartholomew, which he used to feed, the poor among till he died. Harte doesn't care about that though all he cares about is status. There's a nice effect here of Harte throwing of slamming the empty bowl to the ground but once he does that the bowl is full of water. As with most Tales of the Darkside episodes, someone's warnings or advice are ignored until the deadly end so Harte is destined for doom much to our enjoyment. Enjoyment because often times people like Harte in the real world profit of the misery of others so this is where Tales blending in supernatural elements presents other themes.

    Like the Frair says Harte has "stole these riches to enrich himself".

    Harte ignores the friar and is transported (with great effects and atmosphere) back to the Spanish Inquisition. Harte is so full of himself he thinks it's a gag or something. Well he stops laughing when he is tortured with the devices of the Spanish Inquisition used at the time. The main Inquisitor tells him to repent his sins and give back his items. Harte refuses but eventually gives as we though in the very powerful ending Harte's confession is not pure. The ending is great fitting. There's an ending within an ending as we see what happens with his other thief friend when he sees what happens to Harte.

    This is a great episode one I could watch and over again.moreless

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    • Jimmy: I'm just asking you to be fair with me.
      Harte: Why?
      Jimmy: Because it's the decent thing to do. Because...
      Harte: Let me tell you something about the art business, okay? 'Cause I feel for you, Jimmy, I really do. It wasn't so long ago that I was a messenger boy for an art dealer. So I understand what you're trying to pull here. And I respect it. But your problem right now is that you're still a peon. Trying to cut a deal with the prince.

    • Mysterious Man: The picture is very precious.
      Harte: I know that.
      Mysterious Man: Do you? I'm sure you know how much it's worth to its customers, but are you aware of its real value?
      Harte: I know what the thing is worth.

    • Harte: I would not return the sketch if my life depended on it. Look at it.
      Mysterious Man: How can you live among these great works and not be touched by them? Art exists to enrich the soul.
      Harte: Come off it, mister. You buy a Mercedes, you buy a Matisse. It all comes down to the same thing, and that's status. And the man with the money wins the prize.

    • Inquisitor: A fascinating quality of the human will is how swiftly it responds to pain inflicted upon the flesh.

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