Tales from the Darkside

Season 3 Episode 2

I Can't Help Saying Goodbye

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 1986 on
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I Can't Help Saying Goodbye
A young girl develops a talent for seeing the fate of those about to die and develops the habit of saying "Goodbye" to them when she does, and her family grows increasingly upset as a result.

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  • Inconsistant, but still enjoyable.

    I never got to see the entire episode till recently and I have to say that although it was a good episode, compared to other lame episodes of this show, there were some inconsistencies as in the deaths could've been prevented.

    A few include the guy Max, who threw his inhaler into the garbage and then wonders where is it and of course he dies shortly. And the other involving the little girl that died slipping on the ice with the scarf caught on the door. I mean shouldn't one of the adults have at least helped the girl walk to the end of the block or something?

    Finally, the little girl [whom I've affectionately called the 'harbinger of death'] sees her own death, but clearly she should be able to feel the tube is not normal not to mention a bit too heavy being filled with sand and all, right?

    It's a shame her sister would kill her since Max did seem more like a jerk and did kinda deserve to die.moreless
  • Little girl sees people die before they die and says goodbye to them..

    This episode made me laugh because it was so bad. There is so many stupid parts to it I don't know where to begin. It is painful to watch it is so stupid. I'll try to point out some problems with it:

    1) The girl is 9 or 10 and hasn't learned to swim yet? Makes me think it was originally written for a younger child. I know some people never learn to swim, but given that this family seems fairly normal I would expect her to know how by age 9.

    2) It is winter and she is taking swimming lessons? Seems a little odd, but maybe it is at the YMCA in an indoor pool, but what ever.

    3) The flat acting. The acting in this is so bad.

    4) She never once tries to prevent a death? Would it be so hard to say "Mommy you left the gas stove on.." or pick up the doll anytime in the two minutes it has fallen on the floor?

    5) Even faced with her own demise she just flatly says goodbye to her sister?

    This episode is so bad on so many levels. I enjoyed it a lot more than I rated it. But I gave it such a low score because it was so badly acted and plotted.moreless
  • Alison Sweeney stars as a young girl with the power to make people die when she says "goodbye"

    This has to be one of my personal favorites from the series. Alison Sweeney better known as Samantha Brady from "Days of Our Lives" stars as Karen a young girl with the ability to make people die when she says "goodbye".

    This was pretty creepy. Her power isn't really explained except that she has it. Her family doesn't believe it until

    one of aunt's mom dies followed by the sister's boyfriend (Brian Benben).

    This one was great. Alison really shows her talent as an actress even her when she was such a young person.

    Highly Recommended despite the sad ending.moreless

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