Tales from the Darkside

Season 1 Episode 3

I'll Give You a Million

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1984 on

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  • Opens with two cut-throat businessmen bragging about their deeds. One offers to buy the other's soul for $1 million, knowing that the other will pay for it when the time comes. But the man dies before he can buy back his soul. And now the Devil steps in!

    Keenan Wynn and George Petrie gave good performances as two aging tycoons that love to conquer the business world by any means available. As these "two scorpions in a jar" try to get the better of one another, as an atheist selling his soul to the other for one million dollars, you see that the tide quickly turns when his health declines, and he wants out of the deal. The other loves to watch him squirm even more than he loves the money, though he knows that in a little more time, he'll come out of the deal with his million plus more. But before that final transaction can take place, he dies, and comes back to his "friend" with his soul, as promised. Here you can see that it was pretty much flip opposite. Seeing his friend come back with the soul was too much of a shock, and he dies before taking possession of it. The devil steps in, and gets a two for one deal to end the show.

    Petrie's character was the supposed atheist, but in the end, it was the opposite. He was begging for his soul back before he died, yet Wynn's character was in total shock that he actually delivered the goods in the end. Good show.
  • An atheist sells his soul to his friend, only to want it back when he is scared that he will die

    I originally didn't care for this episode, but it has grown on me over time. It took watching it twice, but I finally like it. What I couldn't get past was how Satan (if that is who that was supposed to be) was made to look like some kind of weird magician like Lance Burton. The end of the episode is pretty creepy and the make up on the dead guy looked great, especially for its time. Overall, this is a recommended episode that I would say to watch. If you love a good story, then this episode is for you!
  • Certainly worth watching!

    This was the first episode that I watched when Darkside made it\\\'s return to Sci-Fi a few weeks back. It\\\'s based on two old guys Blaine and Duncan who seem to have it all and just can\\\'t seem to best one another. Duncan decides to put Blaine to the test offering him a million for his soul. Of course, Blaine takes the deal thinking his old friend has fallen off the cliff.....but soon realizes that he has made a fatal mistake when he discovers he has liver cancer and dies by it eventually. Then, comes back to deliver Duncan his soul. He is eventually overwhelmed by a heart attack at the shock of these unnatural events and dies. The only real winner? The devil who collects both their souls at the end and me, the very satisfied watcher of this rather unique and put together episode! Definetely an above average episode and is certainly worth watching.
  • A rich man sells his soul to a friend as a lark, then has a change of heart.

    A fine take on the old 'selling your soul' story. This was the first ep of TFtD I saw, and it hooked me on the series. Keenan Wynn (you might remember him from Dr. Strangelove as a soldier defending a Coke machine) is good as an old businessman who obviously stepped on a few on his way to the top. Pretty creepy when the dead guy comes back for his soul (up the stairs....) The guy who plays the devil is particularly decadent- he seems to relish the taking of souls almost like a sexual fetish. Tense and atmospheric, aprticularly in the final few scenes.