Tales from the Darkside

Season 1 Episode 8

Inside the Closet

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1984 on

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  • Miley without Makeup

    Now I know what Miley Cyrus looks like without makeup!
  • A coed takes a room at a professor's home but grows weary of what takes place in her room at night

    Classic episode! The best scene of this episode is when the girl is shown sleeping, the camera goes underneath the bed to show the huge, red eyes of the creature. Shows you how curiousity killed that cat. I recommend you see it at night with every light off in the house
  • A college student rents a room from the dean of the veterinary school...but is she the only one living there?

    The episode that started it all for me...almost 25 years later I still keep my feet well away from the bed when getting into it! This episode exploits two of our most universal childhood fears: monsters under the bed and monsters in the closet. Savini builds tension effectively by giving us several creepy little glimpses of the creature throughout the episode before tipping his hand at the end. Features the lovely Roberta Weiss and genre favorite Fritz Weaver to add an instant macabre touch. The episode's only drawback is its almost incessant (and often loud) use of background music. Darkside's scariest!
  • A girl is looking for a place to stay and only finds an old house; the scariest house they could find. A small closet is in her room and it keeps coming open. She gets tired of this so she sees what's hiding is in it. Suprise! a monster.

    Inside the closet was the first episode I had ever seen; the best too. It was a nice monday morning and for some reason I had woken up early--well early for me: About 8 o clock. I popped on the television and i see the opening credits to a anthology series on the Sci Fi channel. It is showing the inside of a old house it inhabitants: a bear head mount on the wall, an old fireplace, and a tiny closet. It was then I was hooked on the series, and it has never let me down. The Intro for Tales from the Darkside is the best of any Horror Anthology series to come.
  • Sometimes, there are more than mice in your house!

    "Inside the Closet" was the first episode of Tales from the Darkside I ever watched and it is still creepy today. Even the cast of the episode is only two people, the episode leave you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I really don't know if I would have stayed as long as she did in that man's house with all of the sounds being made in her room. Needless to say, the ending is a good twist and the first time we see the monster, it's freaky. The monster may not look that good by today's standards, but believe me, it will still freak you out at night.
  • A college student rents an apartment from an odd professor, only to discover there's a monster living in her closet.

    Perhaps the all-time classic of the series. There's a great and original little monster, an archetypal fear (the ol' monster in the closet), and some genuine scares. The episode was directed by Tom Savini, who worked on many of George Romero's films as a special effects/make-up man and bit actor. He created the beastie, as well. Genre great Fritz Weaver has a good time as the professor with a nasty secret. The explanation for the monster's existence, though subtlely done, is perhaps a bit tasteless. All is forgiven, though, when our little friend comes out to play. The twist ending is unexpected and wonderfully icky. One of the very best made-for-tv horror tales, ever.