Tales from the Darkside

Season 1 Episode 8

Inside the Closet

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1984 on

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  • A girl is looking for a place to stay and only finds an old house; the scariest house they could find. A small closet is in her room and it keeps coming open. She gets tired of this so she sees what's hiding is in it. Suprise! a monster.

    Inside the closet was the first episode I had ever seen; the best too. It was a nice monday morning and for some reason I had woken up early--well early for me: About 8 o clock. I popped on the television and i see the opening credits to a anthology series on the Sci Fi channel. It is showing the inside of a old house it inhabitants: a bear head mount on the wall, an old fireplace, and a tiny closet. It was then I was hooked on the series, and it has never let me down. The Intro for Tales from the Darkside is the best of any Horror Anthology series to come.
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