Tales from the Darkside

Season 4 Episode 11

Love Hungry

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 1988 on
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Love Hungry
Betsy, an overweight woman, receives an anonymous package with an earpiece that will supposedly help her diet. It transmits the "voices" of her food as is being eaten, but Betsy still has problems and the next gift is a pair of glasses that let her "see" her food as well...moreless

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  • A surprise package, turns out to be a death wish.

    One of the funniest, and strangest episodes of the series

    A woman receives a strange package in the mail, saying that if she just uses some hearing aids, she will rapidly lose weight.

    This is episode starts off like most of the stories of this show, very mundane. She's just a typical fat person, who wants to lose weight. Problem is, she has tried everything imaginable, from diet pills, to water dieting. Nothing works, until one day, she recieves a strange package, entitled your WEIGHT IS OVER. This is episode directed a John Strysik, who was director for several episodes of Darkside, was apparently going slightly comedic here, but it turns into the nightmare that most of the episodes did deliver, but not all. This is the episode, I think that marks that end of the really terrifying stuff, but it's delivers a very schizophrenic and violent punch, particularly with the ending, and it's ends the comedy that goes on through the episode.

    She finds out that the hearing aids, give her some kind of extrasensory perception of the food, and they start to talk, every time they are being eaten by people. Really weird, but it's still stays true to the darkside, because you don't how that food is able to talk, where the device really originated, and the glasses did actually bring on the comedy, until the end, when she finds how much she was actually going to lose. Really crazy, but also scary, endings on this show really did scare the daylights out of me, and although is one goes on the silly side for a while, it shows that the darkside can really be a burden, even when it when comes to losing weight.

    How she ended up with the strange package is not revealed, although speculation is brought up that is was some kind of evil device, maybe NAZI, or something like that. Also if you look real closely, that written words on the package looks like alien language, which brings up whether it was intentional or NOT. Either way, it's still a scary little episode, that came out almost when the series was coming to a close. The talking food I admit was silly, and it's actually been done before, I have seen Freddy's Nightmares, but still it's frightening to watch death catch up with a woman, who just wanted to lose weight, and possibly she really didn't deserve it. The Darkside is always there, this episode just used weight loss as a reality check, and it came in the upmost deadly way.

    The ending well, which I won't describe in detail, shows her not wanting to eat, so she closes her appetite for good. Dieting shouldn't be so hard, but on this show she realized it had a much different meaning, and paid dearly. Take the die out of dieting, and the show's gets the point across.

    Great episode, scary, and funny at the same time.moreless
  • Betsy receives a weight loss ad and then receives the weight loss pacakage in the mail, without ordering it. The unconventional plan contains a pair glasses and headphones that gives food a face and voice, which brings uncanny changes to Betsy's lifemoreless

    This episode was weird. However, the fatuous plot consequently is quite chilling. In its demented tone, the writing is displaying food as humans who are prey in a cannibalistic society. With this notion, you see Betsy go from being concerned about her health , to being inconsiderate of her own welfare to help "food" live. But, as hard as Betsy tries to honor that food just wants to coexist in this world without being considered as nourishment, she cannot abandon her own belief, which is: you have to eat to live. Despite its perfectly disturbing denouement, Betsy's martyr makes it bittersweet.moreless
  • An over-weight woman recieves a package that contains glasses and a hearing that allows her to see food and hear it

    I really thought that this episode was really cute, so it appealed to me. No, Tales from the Darkside isn't supposed to be cute but at least the episode wasn't boring, and was one of the more original stories of the series. It is like watching muppets when a pear, banana and an apple come to life. The end of the episode takes a dark turn and is twisted compared to the story as a whole. If I were her, I'd have just eaten the food, doesn't matter if they scream or not. I wouldn't have done what she did.moreless
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