Tales from the Darkside

Season 4 Episode 2

Mary, Mary

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 1987 on

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  • A woman's only friends are her stuffed animals and a mannequin that talks to her

    This is definitely your typical mannequin episode where a woman talks to her mannaquin and is afraid to meet other people. I knew the ending before it even got to that point, it is not scary and very very predictable. You do, however, feel sorry for the lady who is in search of a boyfriend, but she is always too shy to meet men or even make a datin tape. You will also feel sorry for the guy who actually likes here and wants to meet her. If it was more original, I would have enjoyed it more, but it is just so predictable.
  • A shy and depressed woman is isolated from the entire world, living in an apartment with female mannequins stuffed animals, which she talks to as if they were alive.

    This episode is an interesting attempt at doing a supernatural character study of a 30-something woman who -- for some reason -- is depressed, shy, has no self-confidence, almost no direct human contact and spends the bulk of the episode talking to her female mannequins and stuffed animals. I suspect the episode is trying to say something about these sorts of social ills; i.e. urban isolation and alienation, mental illness (especially depression) and the 'modern' (circa 1980s) dating scene. It is an interesting effort, but it generally seems to fall flat. The central character needs more back story or to explain her emotional problems and it probably would have been better if they expressed her hearing voices a bit differently. Frankly, the supernatural element is almost an aftermath.
  • Good episode, with a scary, slightly morbid and creepy plot.

    Ok, this episode was pretty good, and the shocking ending was sown together quite well, with the creepy lifesize dolls. The episode is about a woman who dotes over a mannequin, and becomes so obsessed she unable to cope with communicating with people in real life. But her obesession leads to a well.... really twisted, and shocking conclusion, she is a mannequin! Overall, the episode isn't very frightening or very morbid at all, but the atmosphere of it, and espicially when the voices start coming from the mannequin, and the lifesize dolls at the end make this episode, still a pretty scary one.
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