Tales from the Darkside

Season 1 Episode 6

Mookie and Pookie

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1984 on

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  • Dated

    This episode could not stand the test of time. It's funny to watch now.
  • 'Ghost in the Machine' type episode.

    Well clearly other than the thoughts of a sentient being living on a pc does sound creepy, yet this episode was really tame. No scares, just a twin sister that really cared about honoring her late brother's wishes to bring him back to life. Boarderline obsessive on the daughter's part, but at least she really loved her brother. I know I might not have been that devoted if it was for someone in my family.
    So as far as this episode goes, it was a nice story that at one point does make you smile at the end about the skeptical dad deciding not to pull the plug [literally] on his son and then the family playing scrabble with all 4 members present.
  • A brother dies, leaving his twin sister with instructions on how to finish the computer program he was working on before he died.

    I would rate this episode as only average, but I would still call it a classic episode. The story is not horrible at all, in fact, I'd say that it is interesting. I like the idea that the brothe Mookie put his mind into a computer so he wouldn't die. A similar story about a man putting his brain into a computer was later used in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Schizoid Man". This episode also stars Justine Bateman, a famous actress in her own right but also has a famous brother (Jason Bateman) who was the star of Arrested Developement.
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