Tales from the Darkside

(ended 1988)





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  • This episode of Tales scared me as a kid. I had nightmares after seeing that one. Anyways, its one of my favorite Tales From The Darkside episodes.

    What can I say about Tales From The Darkside? Its always been one of my favorite tv shows. I watch it alot. The concept of this particular episode is of a woman subletting an apartment and there's a telephone that keeps ringing a whole lot.So, as the ringing phone keeps annoying her, she finally goes over to the apartment and goes into the apartment. However when she goes in there, no one's there. She goes back to her apartment and tries to relax. However, the phone starts ringing again and something keeps banging on the wall from the other apartment. She goes into the apartment once again and the phone quits ringing. By the end of the episode, she gets fed up with the phone and goes back into the apartment and answers it. An eerie oporator answers thhe phone and tells her that the last tenant that lives there got strangled by the telephone! She hangs up the phone and rips the cord out of it. However, the phone chases her and strangles her with the cord. Its a really cool episode! One of my top favorites of that show! I once had a black rotory phone that looked like that one. Needless to say it spooked me when I looked at it once in awhile. However it doesn't scare me now, but I remember it scaring me as a kid. The ending is still pretty scary. Its such a great episode. April.
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