Tales from the Darkside

(ended 1988)





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  • Tales from the Darkside was a post Twilight Zone/Night Gallery anthology series that delved more towards the side of horror. Even though it was a syndicated series, it had enough good to great episodes to make a lasting impression on the horror landscape.

    Tales from the Darkside was a tremendous horror anthology series. Where the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits went towards the sci-fi genre, and Night Gallery was geared more towards suspense, this show was a pioneer in the horror genre. Episodes from George Romero, Robert Bloch, Stephen King, and Clive Barker, just to name a few, contributed stories to the series. Episodes ranged from selling souls, old trickers getting their due on Halloween, Santa's evil neighbor from the North Pole making his way down south, a family trying to convince Grandpa that he did really die, and things coming out of the closet (keep it locked!). Several episodes were on the lighter side, but by and large this was a show that swung for the fences trying to scare you to death. The staying power of the show is on full show, either by watching the repeats of an '80s show on the Sci Fi Channel, or watching the show on DVD, as the first season has just been released. Overall, this was a trailblazing show, taking a risk on a genre that really hadn't been tapped on television at that point. I believe that it made it's mark, and a lasting, favorable one at that.