Tales from the Darkside

Season 2 Episode 3

Ring Around the Redhead

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 1985 on

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  • A lonely inventor discovers a strange circle that brings forth objects from another world, including a beautiful woman. The human-alien 'love at first sight' is ruined by a greedy friend, whose death sends the inventor to death row.

    This episode was atypical for the series in that it is fundamentally upbeat, wholesome and has a happy ending. Thus it does seem like an episode more fit for the Amazing Stories, then the 'Dark Side' of television.

    The episode is also limited by the fact that the more violent acts are not seen, but referred to. This may have been due to budget constraints or a desire to produce a more wholesome episode.

    Yet, aside from these thematic and technical flaws the episode is a really good one. It is told by the inventor, on death row, to a skeptical reporter in a series of flash backs. His idealistic good character is revealed by the fact that he is largely uninterested in the precious gems that come from the device, and believes in love at first sight.

    Yes, the space alien is beautiful, but she is also brilliant and from an advanced civilization without poverty, war or hatred.

    In a rare move for network television, the woman is actually smarter the man and the stereotyping 'damsel in distress' is altered when it is the man who needs saving. Overall, its a sweet, well done science fiction episode (with a bit of film noir and feminism) that may seem a little out of place and a little under budget.