Tales from the Darkside - Season 1

(ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • The False Prophet
    The False Prophet
    Episode 24
    Cassie Pines is a woman traveling on her own who believes in astrology, tea leaves...e verything. She comes into a diner with a most unusual mechanical fortune teller named Horace X. "Horace" is uncanny with his predictions but Cassie soon finds that Horace is demanding and possessive - despite her misgivings she enters the booth one more time...and disappears.moreless
  • Grandma's Last Wish
    Grandma's Last Wish
    Episode 23
    An elderly woman's family considers committing her to a retirement community, but grandma has one last wish that will help the family understand exactly what she goes through.
  • Bigalow's Last Smoke
    Mr. Bigalow, a lifelong cigarette smoker, wakes up to find that his windows have bars on them and his door is sealed shut. A mysterious figure appears on Bigalow's television, informing him that he will quit smoking. Bigalow scoffs at this notion and reaches for a morning cigarette. As soon as he lights up, a deafening alarm sounds, demanding that he extinguish the cigarette immediately. Bigalow is subjected to various endurance tests and is further tempted to smoke when thousands of cigarettes materialize in the room, only to disappear. After being driven to the edge of sanity, he wakes up to find that he no longer has a desire to smoke. Believing that the whole ordeal was a dream, Biaglow reaches for a cup of coffee, at which time the mysterious figure reappears on the television screen, insisting that Bigalow now work on his caffeine addiction.moreless
  • It All Comes Out in the Wash
    Carl Gropper, a greedy developer, stumbles upon a Chinese laundry that offers a unique service - it can "wash out" guilt. Carl employs their services but soon finds there is a unpleasant price to pay.
  • Levitation
    Episode 20
    A teenager enraptured with magicians goes to a flee-bitten circus to seek out one of the greatest ever: Kharma. However, Kharma now does cheap magic for the crowds, and none of the great illusions the teenager believed he was capable of. When Kharma refuses to do them, the kid heckles him until Kharma relents and uses the boy as a subject for his greatest feat of levitation. However, Kharma dies of a heart attack, and the boy simply keeps on levitating...up into the sky and out of sight.moreless
  • If the Shoes Fit...
    If the Shoes Fit...
    Episode 19
    A fast-talking politician named Bo Gumbs whose running for Governor. He learns his true colors while staying at a hotel for a meeting.
  • Madness Room
    Madness Room
    Episode 18
    Cathy Osborne brings her husband up to a previously-unknown room in their house and along with her friend Michael, relates the tale of how the room is the "madness room" from which no one has ever stayed the night...and survived. In reality it's a set up and Cathy and Michael plan to kill Cathy's husband by scaring him to death. They succeed by faking some supernatural activities, but soon find that the curse of the room is all too real...moreless
  • The Tear Collector
    The Tear Collector
    Episode 17
    Prudence is a young woman who can't stop crying, but finds a peculiar way to make a profit when she meets Ambrose Cavender, a man who collects tears.
  • Answer Me
    Answer Me
    Episode 16
    Joan, a English actress subletting in New York City, is tormented by a neighbor's phone that won't stop ringing.
  • Snip, Snip
    Snip, Snip
    Episode 15
    A warlock and a witch get into a battle over a $10 million lottery ticket when each claims that the spirits gave them the winning number.
  • Anniversary Dinner
    Anniversary Dinner
    Episode 14
    A young girl fleeing her boyfriend finds herself in a small country home with a genial older couple. They take pity on her and invite her in, and even invite her to their special anniversary dinner.
  • In the Cards
    In the Cards
    Episode 13
    A fake fortuneteller, Caterina, finds herself stuck with a cursed deck of cards that foretell death for everyone she does a prediction for.
  • All a Clone by the Telephone
    Leon, a hapless TV writer, buys an answering machine that has a mind of its own - it initially helps him out by providing him with new material, but Leon soon finds that it's taking over his life.
  • Djinn, No Chaser
    Djinn, No Chaser
    Episode 11
    A couple inadvertently buy a magic lamp that contains a genie. Unfortunately, the genie is anything but amiable. Confined in the lamp for thousands of years and still trapped, he refuses to grant wishes and instead terrorizes the couples with plagues, rains of frogs, etc. The husband finally has himself committed, but a few days later his wife brings him home. Their apartment is now richly decorated and they have plenty of money. The genie is now an amiable and willing wish-granter. The wife's solution to freeing the genie: a can opener.moreless
  • A Case of the Stubborns
    In a backwoods community, a family is plagued by their grandpa... who refuses to acknowledge that he's dead.
  • The Word Processor of the Gods
    Richard Hagstrom is dismayed with the way life has treated him (a rude son, a shrewish wife). His nephew Jonathan gives him a birthday present: a homemade word processor. Hagstrom soon discovers that anything he types into the processor becomes real, and no one but him knows the difference. He begins with simple experiments, but then wipes out his son from existence. Even his wife is unaware of the changes. As the machine overheats into self-destruction, Hagstrom types in one last story: he makes sure that he and Jonathan's mother married and that Jonathan was his son. As the word processor destroys itself, Hagstrom's final wish becomes reality.moreless
  • Inside the Closet
    Inside the Closet
    Episode 8
    A student takes a room with an abrupt, somewhat rude anthropology professor. He instructs her never to open the small door in the back of her closet, but she hears strange noises and can't resist investigating.
  • Slippage
    Episode 7
    A young ad-design artist begins to literally "slip" out of reality. Slowly but surely he seems to be fading out of existence: first his payroll checks disappear, then his high school not only fails to mail him about their reunion, but has no records of his existence. The artist soon realizes that since he's drifted through life, he's basically "slipping through the cracks". Even his mother has no memory of him. At the end, even his wife and best friend (now the woman's husband in this new reality) forget he ever existed.moreless
  • Mookie and Pookie
    Mookie and Pookie
    Episode 6
    Twin siblings, Mookie and Pookie, are extremely close. But Mookie has a terminal illness. Later the scientific genius Mookie succesfully downloads his mind into the computer before he dies. But now that he's in there Pookie must convince her parents not to pull the plug.
  • The Odds
    The Odds
    Episode 5

    A bookie goes up against a vengeful gambler who can't lose.

  • Pain Killer
    Pain Killer
    Episode 4
    Harvey goes to Dr. Roebuck with back pains and Roebuck prescribes a miraculous cure. It's not until later that Harvey finds the price he must pay...
  • I'll Give You a Million

    Two old, rich men like to wager among themselves on trivial matters for huge amounts. One of them, Williams, offers his friend a million dollars for his immortal soul. Blaine accepts but discovers that he is dying of cancer - frightened, he tries to buy his soul back, but his friend refuses.

  • The New Man
    The New Man
    Episode 2
    A recovering alcoholic is disturbed to find a young boy who shows up at his office claiming to be his son Jerry. The man is further angered when the boy shows up at his house. While the other family members carry on as if Jerry is a regular member of the family, the man insists that he has never seen the boy before in his life. The man's wife assumes that he has begun drinking again and is harboring delusions brought on by his inebriated state. The family, disgusted by the father's unwillingness to acknowledge Jerry as his son, ultimately leaves him. Driven back to drinking by the ordeal, the previously sober father ends up in a state of emotional ruin. In the final scene, Jerry visits another man, claiming to be HIS son, as the nightmarish pattern continues.moreless
  • Trick or Treat
    Trick or Treat
    Episode 1
    A miser taunts his neighbors by daring them to send their children in to find their debt records inside of his "haunted house," but he gets some unusual late-night visitors.