Tales from the Darkside - Season 2

(ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • The Casavin Curse
    The Casavin Curse
    Episode 24
    A family finds themselves cursed because of their great grandfather killing his wife, and the curse won't die until they all die too and there is no one else to carry on his name.
  • Fear of Floating
    Fear of Floating
    Episode 23
    A hapless yokel, Arnold, runs into an Army recruiting office and asks for help, claiming to float. It turns out that he's telling the truth, but then Mr. Cooper and his pregnant daughter (pregnant by Arnold) show up and demand he do the right thing - it turns out that the more Arnold lies, the more he floats.moreless
  • The Unhappy Medium
    The Unhappy Medium
    Episode 22
    The family of a dead preacher show up for a reading of the will but discovers he left them nothing specific. Rather, he warns them on his video-taped will that he will send them a sign.
  • Strange Love
    Strange Love
    Episode 21
    Dr. Carrol reluctantly makes a late-night house call to treat Mrs. Alcott's leg injury. He discovers that Edmund and Marie Alcott are vampires, and that Edmund intends to keep him imprisoned. However, Marie disagrees with Edmund's plans.
  • A Choice of Dreams
    A Choice of Dreams
    Episode 20
    A mob boss suffering from a terminal illness is visited by an odd man who claims that he has the ability to offer the dying a choice of dreams after death. The mob boss is skeptical at first and threatens to kill the man for insulting his intelligence. After some contemplation, he accepts the man's offer and subjects to his medical experimentations. At first, the boss experiences nothing but pleasant memories. However, after a few days, memories of the people he has destroyed through his evil and ruthless lifestyle begin to creep into his dreams. The mob boss reports these dreams to the man and demands that these images not recur after he dies. The man assures the mob boss that the disturbing memories are only a momentary side effect that will subside after further medical alterations. As the mob boss subjects himself to the final operation which will complete the procedure, the horrible memories become permanent, completely taking the place of the pleasant ones. Inside the mob boss's mind, he begins to scream in horror as the man places his brain in a glass jar, welcoming him to hell.moreless
  • The Last Car
    The Last Car
    Episode 19
    Stacey, a young woman on her way home from college for the summer, boards a train full of odd and bizarre mannered passengers. It soon becomes clear that this trip will end up being the ride of her life.
  • The Old Soft Shoe
    The Old Soft Shoe
    Episode 18
    Lingerie salesman Chester Caruso checks into a budget motel and makes a pass at a woman who is also checking in. She rejects him, but soon he wakes up in his room to find a different woman, dressed in lingerie, calling him Harry. She seems to think the two are lovers but Chester has never met her before.moreless
  • The Shrine
    The Shrine
    Episode 17
    A young woman, Christine, returns home to find her mother cold and distant, and living isolated from everyone else. The woman soon discovers that her mother has summoned up...Chrissie - Christine as a young girl, before she moved away and gained a life of her own. Christine soon finds there is no way she can compete with her mother's idealized image of herself.moreless
  • Printer's Devil
    Printer's Devil
    Episode 16
    Junior Harman is a third-rate writer who discovers that his new agent, Mr. Kellaway, can make things happen for him. All it requires is a little blood - a few animals, the occasional bum... Junior is reluctant to go along but he soon finds he has no choice in the matter.moreless
  • A New Lease On Life
    A New Lease On Life
    Episode 15
    A man is overjoyed to find a nice apartment with all the modern conveniences at an incredibly cheap price. The eccentric landlady asks nothing more than for the man to provide her with plenty of garbage for the disposal unit. The man is puzzled when the walls ooze blood after he attempts to hang a picture with a nail and hammer. He is further disturbed when the floor shakes as he hears an ominous roar bellow throughout the building complex. He soon realizes that the building itself is a living entity that survives on the trash created by the tenants. Angered by the situation, the man fills a garbage bag full of household cleaners with the intent of poisoning the entity. He throws the bag into the disposal unit and the creature begins to roar. Suddenly, the landlady confronts the man with her two sons and they throw the man into the disposal, providing the beast with a full course meal.moreless
  • Dream Girl
    Dream Girl
    Episode 14
    A group of people find themselves trapped in a scenario with Otto, only to discover that he is a stagehand and they are a theater group all trapped in his dream.
  • Comet Watch
    Comet Watch
    Episode 13
    Englebert Ames, an astronomer, is watching Hailey's Comet and is in for a shock when Sir Edmond Hailey himself arrives - he's been riding "his" comet all these years trying to elude Sarah, the woman pursuing him out of obsessed love.
  • Monsters in My Room
    Monsters in My Room
    Episode 12

    A little boy named Timmy tries to convince his mother and mean stepfather, that there are horrific creatures in his room, which includes a tentacled monster under his bed, a Boogie Man, a buzz saw, and a witch. Of course his parents don't think he's telling the truth, until it's too late.

  • Effect and Cause
    Effect and Cause
    Episode 11
    A artist named Kate discovers that she under unknown circumstances, has the psychic ability to live backwards, but things soon turn out for the worse when she realizes it's beyond her control.
  • Ursa Minor
    Ursa Minor
    Episode 10
    When Joan finds a new teddy bear in her daughter's room no one seems to know where it came from. Then night after night huge claw marks are found on the walls and the sounds of something very large can be heard moving through the house. It seems that this little bear has a murderous life all its own...moreless
  • The Trouble with Mary Jane
    Two occultists are offered $50,000 if they can rid a girl of the multiple demons possessing her, but they soon find themselves in over their heads.
  • Distant Signals
    Distant Signals
    Episode 8

    A famous director is surprised when he is approached by a mysterious investor who wants him to finish up a Fugitive-like series that he had done twenty years ago that was cancelled before the final episodes were shown. "Mr. Smith" wants the director to put together the old cast and finish it out, for his "foreign viewers".

  • The Devil's Advocate

    A loud-mouthed radio host gets his just desserts.

  • The Satanic Piano
    The Satanic Piano
    Episode 6

    Pete Bancroft is a talented pianist who has lost his inspiration, but is contacted by a mysterious inventor who gives him a piano that lets him play as never before simply by thinking of the music. Bancroft is at first relieved, but soon discovers that the piano must feed on his daughter's soul to retain its powers.

  • Halloween Candy
    Halloween Candy
    Episode 5
    A mean old man harboring an intense hatred for the celebration of Halloween is left alone by his son to hand out candy to the neighborhood children. The old man initially ignores the trick-or-treaters, but later cruelly fills their bags with a mixture of syrup and cleaning fluid. Satisfied, the old man retreats to his armchair to watch television, when a goblin-like creature pays him a visit. The creature relentlessly asks the old man for candy and he eventually shuts himself inside the house to avoid it. He suddenly realizes that he is unable to make phone calls as the goblin continues to stalk him from outside the house. Finally deciding to confront the creature, the old man walks out to the porch, only to discover that the goblin has vanished. He goes back into the house and looks out the window one last time. As he closes the curtain, he is confronted face-to-face by the creature inside the house, who again asks him for candy. Shocked and frightened, he falls to the floor and passes out, as the creature leaves. Days later, his son returns from work, only to find his father dead on the floor. According to the medical examiner, the old man had survived in the house for weeks on nothing but a bag of Halloween candy.moreless
  • Parlor Floor Front
    Parlor Floor Front
    Episode 4

    A woman tries to get a tenant evicted but pays a terrible price when her plan goes wrong.

  • Ring Around the Redhead
    As Billy is waiting to be executed in the electric chair, he relates the bizarre tale of how he came to be in his predicament at the hands of an attractive woman.
  • Lifebomb
    Episode 2

    Ben Martin, a rich businessman, is contacted by a special medical firm, "Lifebomb" which offers him an expensive policy that will let him live forever. They give him an implanted device which, every time he "dies," activates and places him in a cocoon until the corporation can arrive and revive him. Unfortunately, Ben soon discovers the Lifebomb has an unexpected side effect.

  • The Impressionist
    The Impressionist
    Episode 1
    An impressionist, "Mr. Personalities," is brought in by the government to try to help them communicate with an alien. Mr. Personalities is at first stumped but finally makes "contact." The alien departs and Mr. Personalities is depressed...until the alien returns for him.