Tales from the Darkside

Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 1987 on

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  • Horrible episode.

    Horrible episode. A nerdy teen's thought to be something special, & accordingly starts to act like he is. Not scary, just dumb. The only part of this episode that actually disturbed me was the implied child abuse at the end, & the fact that that was they played it off as a joke! What were they thinking, & how as that funny?
  • I like a lot of episodes from this series. This, however is NOT one of them!! This has to be one of the most stupid, inane episodes of the series. Like many Tales From The Darkside episodes, it left me asking, "HOW IS THIS A TALE FROM THE 'DARKSIDE"!?!?!?

    How was this a "Tale from the darkside"!?! Terrible, just terrible! It starts out with some dumb family talking about stuff, when someone knocks at their door. For some reason the family is way super paranoid, so they ready themselves to beat whoever it is behind the door before they open it. They open the door to reveal some guy with white hair and bushy white eyebrows and a beard. He has with him some mega-hot girl (the only good thing about this episode). The guy tells the family that their bratty nerdy teenage son is the reincarnation of their leader (ie. Lama) and wants the parents to sell their son to him. The girl starts pawing at the kid, and he gets a swelled head and immediately starts ordering his parents around. The white beard guy tells the parents he'll give them a bunch of jewels and stuff for their son, to which they agree. They sign a contract and the guy gets on the phone to his boss to tell him the news, when he realizes he's at the wrong house. The stupid teenager isn't the true lama after all. The white haired dude and hot girl leave, and that's the end of the episode. Pointless and idiotic!!!!
  • A nerdy boy becomes a spoiled one when he discovers that he is a reincarnation of a leader

    It is very true that you discover what a person really is if you give them the world and you see what they do with it. That is exactly what happens to the boy in the story, he gets treated like a king, so he treats everyone else like dirt. Luckily enough, he gets what is coming to him at the end, which is actually really funny. This kid was really spoiled, he had the nerve to make his parents do everything and even destroyed his dad's favorite baseball cards just for the fun of it. Like I said, the kid gets what he deserves and it is justice for sure