Tales from the Darkside

Season 3 Episode 3

The Bitterest Pill

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 1986 on

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  • Family wins the lottery but they do not change. Then their crazy uncle offers them something that will make them richer or worse.

    An average episode good enough to watch but not an episode I would re-watch again.

    I saw this episode a bit differently. For me this episode was how money DOES NOT change certain people. In this case, the family in this episode are still pretty miserable and unloving. Well actually just the Dad the Mom is super great and she doesn't deserve what she gets in the end.

    The kid in this episode is annoying at times and his reaction at the end toward both his parents (when it should have been just his dad) is a bit too much.

    I did feel like the mom deserved to win the lottery, she's the only that seems capable of loving and tolerating people. The twist about the "smart pill" seems to be a double edge sword. In this case, it serves an evil purpose which is revenge. It also kills the uncle so the "pill" itself is not very healthy. It demands too much of those who use it and there is no guarantee that what people do with the knowledge they get they will use for the better.

    So while the "Bitterest Pill" is the title, it could have easily been changed to "The Bad Pill" or "Too much knowledge can be bad".
  • Kid gets treated poorly, kid turns tables on his parents.

    Originally you pretty much feel like no one in that family is deserving of winning the lottery and the son acts like he has ADD and way too overactive. The father however, seems like he's almost the abusive type and all around jerk.
    Then the uncle comes in and brings the pills, sure it was just too much to spare a few hundred thousand dollars for reasearch as the dad was such a cheapskate. Then again when the uncle kept saying "we can take over the world" and that weird laugh, you'd be skeptical too.
    Fortunately the boy takes the pill and matures and proving not only does the drug work, but that only a developing mind works better for the pill preventing an overload in the brain. So thus he makes his parents read a book and takes away the tv and the money wasted for beer.
    Revenge is indeed sweet or maybe just bitter like a pill.