Tales from the Darkside

Season 2 Episode 19

The Last Car

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1986 on
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The Last Car
Stacey, a young woman on her way home from college for the summer, boards a train full of odd and bizarre mannered passengers. It soon becomes clear that this trip will end up being the ride of her life.

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  • Make sure you have the right train schedule

    Or you could end up on the Last Car, a one-way ride with no final destination. That's what happened to Stacy, a young woman who just wanted to get home from college for Thanksgiving. Instead she wound up on a car populated by some eccentric passengers: a grumpy old man, a kindly old woman and a bratty little boy. Then other weird things started to happen. Stacy's watch stopped working and no one knew what time it was or even seemed to have a concept of what time is. When the train would go through tunnels, things got even weirder and creepier, especially considering there were no tunnels on that route! To say anymore would be to spoil a truly creepy episode. Just watch it and see!moreless
  • Scariest episodes of the series, this one is not an exception


    This one starts off quite mundane, that is the typical scenario in many episodes of this show. But in this one, that setting happens to be a train. It features a young girl whose is basically wanting to meet her family in Rhode Island, Providence to be exact, and she doesn't realize it yet, but she's in for the ride that will never end, literally. She discovers that her conductor, has found her train ticket, but it's one way, for some reason, that starts off the creepiness. Then she realizes a very unfriendly looking doppelganger is stalking her from the window, gets even more creepy, and old woman and young boy, as well as an old man, all are on the train, but there the only ones. Soon, they start to find out the tunnels mean it that it's lights out, and then it turns from creepy to the unspeakable.

    I have to say, this episode may be one of the best of the series, and is written by a friend of Stephen King, Michael Mcdowell, who wrote many of this show's episodes, and it's so scary in the sense, that although it looks like a very safe train, she is actually never getting off, which is a kind of metaphor for death. It's never revealed, why all the people on the train are dead, and why did she end up with one-way ticket.But, soon, it really doesn't matter, because she realizes that her train-ride, really has become one-way, in a way she couldn't believe at first, but by the end she understands the situation, the darkside sets in.

    The ending, I must say is quite disturbing, but I won't say what it is, because it would too for much for this post, but if you can get the chance to watch it, don't watch with the lights off, it's up there with a few other episodes of this series, and this series did get scary quite often.

    Overall, the episode is about a train ride, that turns awfully crooked and off the kilter, and turns into a dimension of death and suffering, and it turns out that she's along for the ride, a very long time. The episode, has some very unsettling images, and would disturb most people, and it's very much the essence of the show's title, so be warned. Although it's mundane, at first, it features some creepy atmosphere toward the end, and some images that I wouldn't show to kids. Watch it, and find it, it's one of the best.

    By the way, it's the only episode of the series, that was aired and remade twice. The only one!

  • Riding the long black train

    This is another great episode, although you have to come to your own conclusions in the end. There are a couple of plot holes that they never answer by the end, but it’s not enough to hurt the entire story. The actors and actresses are very good in their roles on this episode, although the old man with the sandwiches reminded me too much of Ernest Borgnine. Stacy is a very empathetic character in the story, when she catches on that she should have been at her stop, you feel sorry for her. By the end of the story, you will have already figured out what the ending is, so it’s not really a surprise. It’s still worth watching, it’s a really good episode.moreless
  • Slow scares are the best

    I didn't know that George A. Romero was a producer on this one. Very nice and creepy build up, that goes to show you don't need fast paced monsters or millions of quick cuts to scare an audience. Terror in this case involved two sets (mostly on one) and five actors; that takes talent. The ability to tell a story without relying on a lot of special effects to distract you from it. One of the best ways to scare people is get them isolated and then start ratcheting up the unreal. People who never answer your questions, an outside that doesn't exist anymore, what is implied rather than said, and tunnels, where truth is exposed.moreless
  • This scared the crap out of me when I first saw it.

    This was the first episode of Tales from the Darkside that had ever seen. I've never heard of this show until it started showing on Sci-Fi channel a few years ago. After seeing this episode I saw the one with Fritz Weaver and that creature in the closet. Ever since that I was hooked and this became like one of my favorite shows. It has been a while since I saw this one but I remember the girl getting on the train and I remember the zombies in there with her. This is so much fun to watch. I catch it on Chiller everytime it comes on.moreless

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