Tales from the Darkside

Season 3 Episode 13

The Milkman Cometh

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 1987 on

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    I am a huge fan of anthology series, if you pop in a DVD of The Twilight Zone or if Tales from the Crypt is on, it is going to be difficult to pry me away from the television set. But I have given Tales from the Darkside some chances, and it just continues to disappoint. "The Milkman Cometh" just did not really establish the premise well, the acting is too over the top and ridiculous, and the ending is just too absurd. A dinosaur or alien baby? Really? Where is the moral ending like The Twilight Zone would have?
  • Robert Forster plays Garry, a married man whose life is at a dead end, but when the milkman comes to town his life changes for better and worse.

    Really predictable episode and not that scary to begin with until the end. Forster plays Garry an artists of sorts whose life sucks. He can´t pay the bills, his career is flaky at best and his wife is on his case.

    He hears a tale about how the Milkman in town has the ability to grant wishes. He thinks it`s all nonsense until the messages he leaves in the milk bottle become true. First he gets a raise, and then his wife is soon pregnant.

    The last scene was supposed to be scary but I couldn´t help but laugh as the ¨creature¨seemed a bit too tamed. An ending I would have taken is for the thing to kill both Garry and his wife. Maybe that was the plan but the writers opted for the latter. An ok episode but again not reall that great.