Tales from the Darkside

Season 2 Episode 6

The Satanic Piano

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1985 on
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The Satanic Piano

Pete Bancroft is a talented pianist who has lost his inspiration, but is contacted by a mysterious inventor who gives him a piano that lets him play as never before simply by thinking of the music. Bancroft is at first relieved, but soon discovers that the piano must feed on his daughter's soul to retain its powers.


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  • A musician, who has lost his creative muse, accepts a hi-tech piano from a once successful rock n' roll manager turned mad doctor-Satanist, who wants to capture someone's soul into the piano.moreless

    Several episodes in the television series dealt with someone entering into some sort of bargain with the devil (or one of his lesser minions) and learning the hard way about the supernatural 'fine print', if you will.

    The basic idea is solid, as is the acting, but the central villain seems to be a rather odd combination of a former rock n' roll band member/mad doctor/wanna be Satanist. It does not really make that much sense, although I suspect that the villain is suppose to be the devil or one of his minions. Another example is when the villain tells the musician that he has no soul, and that is why the mad man kidnapped the daughter. So, the writing in this episode seems a bit below the bar. What saves the episode from being a complete let- down, is the fine acting. Both the musician and his daughter are believable, and you do feel glad that they both survive.

    Naturally, the hi-tech music, no lyrics, is from the 1980s, which was a nice little trip down memory lane.moreless
  • A musician who has run out of ideas for new music turns to a man who seems to have all of the answer. But of course, it comes with a pricemoreless

    This episode was just average, but not the worst. Lisa Bonet did great in this episode about this magical piano. There is nothing satanic really about it, the piano is actually made by a scientist. I suppose what the piano does can be considered somewhat satanic, but this episode doesn't have anything to do with Satan. So don't expect the devil to show up on this episode. This is basically a story of how a man learns that there are more important things in his life than his music, so it actually has a happy ending if you want to call it that. A rare thing to find in this series.moreless

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    • Justine: It's a little too straight. (adjusts the music) Feels better this way. It feels... sexy.
      Pete: What the hell you know about sexy? Do-don't even answer, I don't want to know.

    • Farber: Inspiration is such a fickle vamp. Without a warning she'll come for you, a melody right in the eye of the mind. You rush to your instruments--it should be easy. The music should surge through your instruments like the blood through your veins. But it's always painful instead, isn't it? You work it and work it, trying to get it down. Trying desperately to capture that vanishing moment the muse loaned you only a split second ago.

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