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The Deadly Crown

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The Tower of London is the United Kingdom??s no.1 tourist attraction. This impressive castle has been part of London??s royal heritage for more than 1000 years, changing roles from fortress to palace to prison. If the stones of this mighty building could talk imagine what stories they could tell; what events had taken place here, what tragic and heroic characters have passed through these gateways. The programme is visually stunning, fast paced and shot in a magnificent fairy tale style by BAFTA award winner Robin Bextor. Tales from the Tower brings to life just a few of the more amazing episodes in history that involve the Tower of London. These stories about torture, murder and rare escapes became the No.1 rated programme on the US cable output. Be prepared! This is not for the squeamish or faint hearted. The uses and effects of various items of torture and execution are graphically depicted. For those who are suspected to be enemies of the state and are sent to the Tower, life is a potentially hazardous occupation that invariably leads to death.moreless
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