Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)


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Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

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Sylvarant and Tethe'alla are two worlds that exist, but are unaware of the other's existence. In order for one world to prosper, the other must fall into ruin. From each world, a Chosen is sent on a journey to restore that world's mana by awakening the spirits, becoming an angel for the sake of the goddess Martel. Colette Brunel, the Chosen of Sylvarant, finds many friends as well as enemies as she learns more about the truth behind the World Regeneration.
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  • Not enough episodes...

    This show is pretty great but their aren't enough episodes for it like other shows. I also happened to wonder if they are making a movie for episode 5 or something but I won't be very happy if their going to stop at episode 4 and I won't be very impressive with this show if they are going to stop at that Amount of episodes for this show. I hope they do make a movie soon. Otherwise, it will be a Wonderful story just like the game. I also knwo a lot of people are begging if they are going to make more episodes and after that, It'll will be such a Wonderful story when they make the last episode.moreless
  • Tales of Symphonia: The Animation is a teaser; it treated us to what could have been, and what could have been great, but will never happen.

    Based on the popular RPG game on the Gamecube, Tales of Symphonia tells us the first half of the story in a condensed, yet more efficient view. The problem I had with the game is that it was hard understanding the story at times that leaves you with questions, yet unsatisfied questions. The anime really cleans up a lot of those questions and that is pretty important for a game that has a complexed (yet almost too cliche) storyline. Lloyd Irving is your normal teenager that is navie with a strong sense of justice. When he finds out his future possible mate, Colette Brunel, is going on a journey to save the world, he tags along.

    A very standard save the world story and visit x and x and x location with plot twist right before what is believed to be the end of the journey. At least in Tales of Symphonia, the story was pretty engaging to watch unfold, but unfortunately the anime only covers the first half of the journey and not much happened during that span. Many events were skipped or joined together in order to meet the four episode count. At times it did it better than the game, others you wished the anime had a budget bigger than four episodes.

    In fact, there really wasn't much time to do anything except tell a story, and there wasn't much time to do that either. Almost non existent character development, so its only attempt of making you cry was emotionless. The action was pretty good but there simply wasn't enough of it to please on an action level. With a story that was as great as Tales of Symphonia that wasn't well portrayed in the game, the anime could have been a great opportunity to clean it up. Not with four episodes though. Tales of Symphonia: The Animation is a teaser; it treated us to what could have been, and what could have been great, but will never happen.moreless
  • just sayin i luv tos

    i dont know about every one else but t.o.s (tales of symphonia) is one of my all time favorite games i mean the battle system is geneius (on the game) and the plot i cant even begin to explain the geneius behind the plot i dont know whe i like the game so much but, sadley i never took the time to see the animation until not ling ago i love the anime to but i just wih that there was more then 4 episodes.

    i think that almost every one that talks about tales of symphonia will have nothing but good things to say about it...moreless
  • Though I have never seen the show, I really enjoyed the game.

    If this show was available on DVD, I would watch it. Anyway, I really enjoyed the game. The Tales series is best known for its memorable characters, stories, and music. Tales of Symphonia was the first Tales game that I beat. I really liked the story in the game. The story is about Lloyd Irving and friends going on a quest to stop the ancient ritual of "The Chosen" from destroying the two worlds. The dialog is really good. Some of the moments are funny like the one when Raine gives her little brother Genis a spanking. Another funny moment was during a skit when Sheena was calling Zelos an idiot for looking at her in the shower. The music was really good. The only downside to the game is that the contact battles were too easy, and the bosses were too hard. Overall, memorable game, addictive combat, excellent story, and dialog. I hope I can see the show sometime when it's available.moreless
  • Is the show better than the Game?
    I never thought there was a Tales Of Symphonia anime out there. Do you guys think its better than the game. I loved the game it wa...
  • Part 2:Tethea'lla
    Ok,So part 1 of the series was fantastic. Great animation and visuals. Moving soundtrack, and score. Decent action and story. ...