Tales of the Gold Monkey

Season 1 Episode 10

The Late Sarah White

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 22, 1982 on ABC

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  • When Sarah is reported dead while on a secret mission in Manila, Jake flies with Corky and Jack to find out the truth – and walks into a web of lies, an acquaintance's surprise appearance, and the verge of an all-out civil war. Almost a series classic...

    This review contains spoilers.

    Another great 'Gold Monkey' episode. I know this one is a favourite with many fans; I love it too, though not sure if it would scrape my personal top five favourite episodes.

    I love the feel and setting of this episode; the sweltering, unsettled mood of 1938 Manila is captured very well, especially considering the modest TV budget of the era the episode was produced in; that side of things are pulled off very well indeed. The mystery around Sarah's disappearance is great, and keeps the momentum going for most of the episode. It is only late on that the pace wavers slightly (and I felt the whole planned sabotage of General MacArthur's peace negotiations could have maybe been sharpened up a little), but these are minor gripes in a mostly great tale.
    By the way, as a non-American, so not overly familiar with some details of American history, I didn't pick up on the significance of General MacArthur when watching the episode, but duly read up on him afterwards (good ol' Wikipedia!).

    The episode also marks the second of two appearances by Cliff Potts as agent Johnny Kimble, Sarah's other possible love interest (the other being Jake, of course); he was first seen in 'Black Pearl'. Presumably if the show had been renewed for a second season, we would have seen more of him occasionally.

    The episode was written in conjunction by four show writers.... part of me wonders if it had been one solid effort by one writer (preferably Donald P. Bellisario) if it might have just got that slight extra edge to make it the series classic that it so nearly is.

    All-in-all, a great episode, and I enjoyed watching it. The minor points I have mentioned maybe stop this from being a "series classic" 10, but I'll still give 'The Late Sarah White' a very decent 9.