Tales of the Unexpected episode with "Roy Thinne," as a reporter?

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    Does anyone know which episode this was??? There are so many to check, it's almost impossible from the link:


    All the information that was found is from the Internet, with other people searching for the same episode?


    The other episode that still gives me the willies featured Roy Thinnes as a reporter who is steadfastly opposed to the death penalty. A plan is hatched between Thinnes and a prison official to allow him to go undercover on death row as an inmate. While there though, a guard who knows who Thinnes really is (and bears a grudge against him) switches his prison uniform so that the reporter's clothes now bear the number of an inmate set to be electrocuted. In what must be the performance of his career Thinnes is absolutely "electrifying" as he desperately tries to get everyone to realize the mistake that's been made- but of course, who would believe the ravings of a death row inmate, right? So, he is dragged out of his cell kicking and screaming like an animal and strapped into the awaiting chair. Every single second of this heart pounding struggle is riveting to watch, right to the black cloth mask being placed over his face and the switch being thrown-

    ((Spoiler Alert))

    and then prison officials and the guard who set him up step out from behind the scenes. They inform Thinnes that this has all been concocted to show him what a condemned man really goes through. They're all opposed to capital punishment and want him to continue in is crusade to end the death penalty. The conniving guard is even the one who unties the straps. But when he removes the death mask, in an absolutely bone chilling moment of revelation the guard finds himself looking into the staring, lifeless eyes of a corpse. Trauma has caused the reporter to die of fright.




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    That "Tales" is a different series, one that ran in 1977.

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