Tales of the Unexpected - Season 4

ITV (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • Hijack
    Episode 17
    Captain Waterhouse has to deal with a man on board his airliner who seizes Milly, a stewardess, takes her and a bottle of nitroglycerine into a tiny lavatory, and demands one million dollars in ransom money, plus a parachute for himself. The hijacker believes both have been delivered to him, and he jumps out... However, the story is not over yet...


  • The Way to Do it
    Episode 16
    Young Roger Carson has a dreary life and suffers from the domineering ways of his rich Aunt May. By way of escape, he takes up gambling - and swiftly falls for Suzie, a beautiful casino hostess. The boss of the casino not only sees Roger as a chicken ripe for plucking, but he also has an old score against the Carsons to settle, so he gets Suzie to give Roger every encouragement. And soon, Roger stands to lose more than his income.moreless
  • A Glowing Future
    Episode 15

    Betsy's long term live-in lover, Jack, is planning to get married - but not to her. He has a new girlfriend half-way across the world, in Australia.

    Betsy is even more enraged when Jack starts to pack up their shared belongings for shipping to his new home. As the paintings come off the walls, Betsy decides to give the bride a present - she has just the thing in mind.


  • Bosom Friends
    Episode 14
    Nell and Emma were best friends at school, but after a reunion weekend they find things more difficult. Emma, who is retired and poor, asks Nell to rent her a spare room in her house. Nell agrees and Emma moves in, but she quickly proves to be completely penniless and seems willing to drag Nell down to poverty, too...


  • 6/5/81
    Arthur and Margaret Pearson are a quiet middle-aged couple. Arthur is dull, but double-dealing, and when his wife Margaret inherits £50,000 he reluctantly agrees to gamble the money on a dubious and highly speculative property deal.

    As a result, the Pearsons' lives (and their relationship) begin to change significantly.

  • 6/21/81
    This episode is set in New York in the 1930s. The rich Joe Brisson is a self-made man with a number of enemies - including Lisa, his elegant but dangerously dissatisfied wife. Joe plans to kill his wife when he has had enough of her - but Lisa has her own plans.moreless
  • 6/14/81
    Madame Lagrue runs a smart but commercial art gallery in Montmartre, Paris, getting rich at the expense of struggling artists. Then one of her painter victims falls in love with the beautiful Fatima, an artist's model, and Fatima gets pregnant. Suddenly, Madame Lagrue is up against someone even more cunning than she is - and Fatima has a surprise for the dealer.moreless
  • 6/7/81
    Kyros buys the last bottle of a superb 1864 claret - an anniverary present for his beautiful but unfaithful wife. He pays a tremendous price, and plans a dinner party - but Kyros is planning to use the wine for more than just drinking... it's all about revenge.
  • The Best Policy
    Episode 9
    Harry Flock has had a temporary promotion as acting manager of a branch bank. Harry is honest and meticulous to a fault, but he is in danger of losing his job when head office gets anonymous complaints about alleged embezzlements. Harry's accounts are immaculate. In fact, they seem too good to be true...


  • 5/24/81

    David Rankin is a country doctor with a flighty young wife. Irene's affairs with other men were the talk of the town before she was married - and they still are. No one knows for sure if the gossip has reached the doctor. And then no one knows where Irene has gone... Sim and Bob accuse Dr Rankin of killing his wife and burying her in the cellar - but they have made a big mistake.


  • The Sound Machine
    Episode 7
    A botanist called Klausner invents a machine which can translate the conversations of trees and plants... and what he hears gives him a nasty shock. Is this real, or has he gone crazy?
  • Shatterproof
    Episode 6

    Property tycoon Gerry Williams is married to the beautiful but unhappy Ellen, and somewhere the marriage has gone terribly wrong. Then an assassin is hired to kill Gerry, and he makes the mistake of getting too friendly with his target...

  • A Woman's Help
    Episode 5

    Arthur is an elegant playboy, but he is dependent on his very rich, ailing, and demanding wife, Elizabeth. The day comes when the hen-pecked Arthur's lover wants a promise of marriage, and Arthur decides he wants his wife dead, so long as he gets her money. But there is something Arthur doesn't know about Elizabeth...


  • 4/26/81

    Arthur is a junior clerk in a city metal broker's office and he's desperately in love with the boss's daughter, Ann Horton. Arthur can't see how he's going to catch Ann's eye, but his smarter friend Charlie knows how to manage these things, and (in return for sharing Arthur's flat and borrowing his money) Charlie helps Arthur out. But then Charlie doesn't want to pay back what he owes...


  • 4/19/81
    David, a nine-year-old boy on holiday in Jamaica, talks his father into letting him keep a giant turtle he has saved. And there is more to David's desire for this unusual pet than meets the eye. David and the turtle disappear, and Sam Jenner, a rugged American, gets drawn into David's holiday adventure.moreless
  • Vicious Circle
    Episode 2
    An old lady catches Rex Tobin, a young burglar who was planning to rob her, and makes friends with him. She gives Rex a chance to go straight, but he is not really interested - so what will the old lady do about it?
  • 4/5/81

    Two archeologists working in Jordan, Tanner and Miller, find in the desert sand a statue of a woman in a strange posture. Driving through a rainstorm, and using an open truck, they try to smuggle their find over the border into Israel, only to discover on arrival that it has completely disappeared.

    They could have been in a lot of trouble...