Tales of the Unexpected - Season 6

ITV (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • Turn of the Tide
    Turn of the Tide
    Episode 14

    Slade is a criminal lawyer - and a perfect gentleman who plans to commit the perfect murder. He has his reasons for wanting to kill a friend, of course, and he knows he needs to destroy all the evidence. The pivotal moment is an early morning swim... but Slade has overlooked something.


  • Youth from Vienna
    Episode 13

    Caroline Coates, a television station interviewer, is promoted to be anchorwoman of the station's main news programme - and there are two men who want to marry her. But Caroline worries that she won't keep her looks forever.

    Humphrey Baxter, one of her admirers, is a scientist working on a formula to stop the aging process. Unfortunately, though, some of the effects of the fountain of eternal youth are unforeseen...


  • Hit and Run
    Episode 12

    Roger Ashburn is a young hospital doctor with a beautiful but selfish wife. They hold a dinner party for Steve and Carol Hutchins, but the party is ruined when one of the men finds his wife's wedding ring in his dinner - her ploy to signal that the marriage is over.

    When Roger's wife disappears, he is desperately worried - but there is a surprise in store for him.


  • The Tribute
    Episode 11

    Three English ladies who served the Empire in distant places, Fanny Soane, Mable Ince, and Lady Eleanor Benson, hear of the death of Nanny Dench, who had served all of them. The three ladies decide against the expense of a notice in The Times and plan instead to meet Nanny's niece for lunch. But a shock is in store for them...


  • The Luncheon
    The Luncheon
    Episode 10
    Susan Mandeville is a glamorous, extravagant American who inveigles Tony Medway, a struggling young writer, into buying her an expensive lunch. Tony believes Susan is still married to a film producer, so he risks a bill he can't afford in the hope of an offer for the film rights of his book. The lunch turns out to be full of surprises...


  • The Wrong 'Un
    Episode 9

    Helmut Weinrich is a German business man staying in a hotel and looking for a good time after a successful deal. Helmut meets the beautiful and enigmatic Molly, a girl with an edge of danger about her. He ignores the warnings of the hotel's security officer, buys Molly dinner and invites her up to his room...


  • The Vorpal Blade
    Episode 8

    A tale of love, honour and murder in Germany in the 1930s, looked back on many years later. The elderly von Baden, one of those who witnessed a long-ago duel to the death at Heidelberg between Macker and the bully Cassan, reveals a shocking secret...

  • 5/21/83
    Gerry Armstrong, an American veteran of World War II, makes a nostalgic return trip to England and visits the town in Norfolk where he served as an airman forty years before.

    Carol is a pretty young woman Armstrong meets in a dance hall - which is where the sheltering palms come in. But the past can yield secrets and surprises, and Carol brings it all disturbingly alive...


  • Where's Your Sense of Humour?
    Laura and Frank Parker are the long-suffering friends of George and Julie Forester. Long-suffering, because George is a compulsive prankster, and some of his jokes are very troublesome... then one day he goes too far.

  • Heir Presumptuous
    Episode 5
    Rancher George Devon is found murdered. Devon was a rich man, and his nephews Donald and David (who are identical twins) stand to inherit his fortune. They become the prime suspects, as one of them was seen at the scene of the crime just before Devon's body was found. But Sheriff Milt Singleton faces the problem that no-one can tell the twins apart, and both of them seem to have water-tight alibis.


  • Clerical Error
    Clerical Error
    Episode 4
    Paul Standing, the son of a highly-respected doctor who has recently died, is winding up his father's affairs when he receives an account from a book-shop owned by two brothers (Michael and Ronnie Carey) demanding over a thousand pounds for pornography supplied to his late father. Paul knows that receiving this bill could have killed his mother, who has a weak heart - but he is suspicious of the claim, for a very good reason...


  • A Sad Loss
    Episode 3
    Claire Hawksworth is a young widow who owns a smart hotel in the Caribbean, where she lives with her good-looking hotel manager (and lover) Dave Bingham. Alas, Claire is struggling financially and faces bankruptcy, so she is having to look to her rich Aunt Alicia to save the day. But then Alicia announces she has a new heir. What's to be done?


  • The Memory Man
    Episode 2
    Colin Mearns, called 'the memory man', is going through a very thin patch. Out of funds and facing the loss of Mary, his gorgeous girlfriend, he advertises for customers and agrees to help Charlie Krebs, an obviously shady character, to remember the number of a station locker. But then Mearns gets curious and wonders if he might be missing his only chance to make a fortune...


  • A Passing Opportunity

    Frank Jesmond is a struggling tough guy who is jealous of his rich and successful former schoolmate Peter Madison. And Frank will do anything for money - including murder. But what about Jesmond's loving wife and young son, Timmy?