Tales of the Unexpected - Season 7

ITV (ended 1988)


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  • The Open Window
    The Open Window
    Episode 15

    The 'open window' of the title is in a hunting lodge in the Connecticut hills. A young fellow goes through it and finds a strange new world on the other side which does not look much like New England...

  • The Mugger
    The Mugger
    Episode 14

    Gerald Overton is an ambitious politician with the tough job of cracking violent crime. But a chance encounter with a beautiful woman at a dinner party leads him into a nightmare, and his whole career is threatened... Gerald surprises himself when he decides to take the law into his own hands.


  • The Reconciliation
    The Reconciliation
    Episode 13

    After ten years, James is fed up with his boring marriage, but his wife, Caroline, still loves him. As he walks out on her, she warns: "I'll never divorce you." James's lawyer advises him that the best way to avoid years of delay is to catch Caroline being unfaithful. So James hires a private eye to follow her for a whole day, up to midnight, with little hope that it will do him any good - and he gets a surprise.


  • Accidental Death
    Accidental Death
    Episode 12
    Steve and Jane travel around England pretending to be market researchers for Silvertone Metal Polish. They con their way into people's houses to identify things worth stealing on a return visit. Then one day, in a hotel bar, they meet a scruffy old man called Percy. Local gossip has it that Percy is a rich miser with a hoard of money hidden in his tumble-down farmhouse, so Jane decides to call on him at home... But there is more to old Percy than meets the eye.moreless
  • I Like it Here in Wilmington

    Wilmington, Delaware, business man Harry Elton is a man on the verge of bankruptcy, as Marvin Castlemore, his partner in the rag trade, has made a disastrous guess on next season's fashions. Harry and his wife have a luxury lifestyle, and he has to decide whether to put his marriage or his business first. So he plans to murder his wife and collect her life insurance money.


  • Bird of Prey
    Bird of Prey
    Episode 10
    This is the story of a parrot's egg - and a flirtatious wife and a jealous husband.

    Jack and Edna's pet parrot lays a huge egg - one much bigger than parrot-size - and promptly dies. Jack and Edna keep the egg warm, and it hatches into a menacing, black-feathered bird. Although it fails to talk, the new arrival soon begins keeping a close and disdainful eye on them... Jack befriends the bird, but Edna is unnerved by it - and she has good reason to be.


  • Sauce for the Goose

    Olivia is a rich widow who seduces Stephen, a younger man with no money. He marries her on the strength of her inheritance from her late husband, whose death she has skillfully arranged. Stephen thinks he is in a position to go on playing the field, while Olivia has other ideas. When Stephen takes up with another woman, Olivia knows what has to be done...moreless

  • Wet Saturday
    Wet Saturday
    Episode 8
    It's one of those days for a man of the world with a high standing in the community. Wet weather out of doors, and inside the house a dead body. Inconveniently, Princey's dim-witted daughter, Millicent, thwarted in love, has killed a young preacher with a croquet mallet, and Princey decides he must cover it up, or risk losing a lot of face. It's just a matter of persuading the police that there was a tragic accident - after all, they are not very bright, are they?moreless
  • The Gift of Beauty
    The Gift of Beauty
    Episode 7
    Elizabeth has a rich husband, until she kills him, with the help of Ray, her young lover. She then has a face lift and puts herself on a keep-fit regime, in the hope of closing the age-gap between her and Ray, but she finds it all too much for her. Then one day Elizabeth finds a flier advertising a new way to reverse the ageing process, and she decides to give it a try.moreless
  • The Last of the Midnight Gardeners
    Walter Oats is a magazine publisher based in London. He has a rich wife and is also having an affair with his secretary, Edna.

    Walter launches a story-writing competition, with a £5,000 prize, to find the plot for a perfect murder, and his wife Jane taunts him into entering the competition himself under a pseudonym. But what exactly is Jane up to?moreless
  • Number Eight
    Number Eight
    Episode 5
    A smartly dressed driver, travelling on his own, picks up a thin, scruffy, wild-eyed hitch-hiker. As they drive off together, they hear warnings on the car radio of a dangerous serial killer on the run who has been called the Will-o-the-wisp Murderer. The man is said to be of slight build with fair hair, and it dawns on the driver that this description closely matches the hitch-hiker he has just picked up. And the man at the wheel forms a plan.moreless
  • Have a Nice Death
    Have a Nice Death
    Episode 4
    Sam Luke is a successful writer. He is also a leading male chauvinist, pushing the line that women are the fairer and weaker sex. He sees himself as a popular fellow, with no enemies, except perhaps that the feminists were less than thrilled about his book Women Weeping. Then the literary lion gets a series of 'Have a nice death' messages, his machismo crumbles and he decides to go home to his wife. But he finds it isn't so easy as it might once have been.moreless
  • Proxy
    Episode 3
    A media tycoon and two of his lawyer friends are all being blackmailed by a scheming woman, who threatens to reveal their past affairs with her. Then the woman is found murdered in her apartment, and the men fear that the police inquiries will lead to one or all of them, and they will be ruined. Luckily, the media tycoon's faithful chauffeur, William, dreams up a brilliant plan for dealing with the situation. Or, at least, it looked brilliant at first sight.moreless
  • The Best Chess Player in the World

    G.B. Shaw, the calculating owner of a successful newpaper, sets out to use people as if they were pieces on a chessboard. He has a gorgeous wife called Paula, and she has everything she could want - including a horse, a Ferrari and an enormous dress allowance. But then Paula begins to live dangerously by taking a lover, and Shaw finds out about it. He decides to deal with the problem in his usual cool, calm and clear-thinking way. But life does not always obey the rules of the game.moreless

  • The Dirty Detail
    The Dirty Detail
    Episode 1
    Fred Pearson is a U.S. Army veteran, but he came out of the Vietnam war with a miserable record. This was chiefly thanks to the bullying of Guedo, his sergeant, who gave Fred endless dirty detail punishments and broke his nerve. Since his discharge, Fred hasn't been able to hold down a job, and he feels the world is against him. Years on from Vietnam, and after another day of looking for work without success, Fred goes into his favourite bar to drown his sorrows - and there he finds none other than Guedo, boasting about his time as a big man in the U.S. Army. And Fred sees his chance of revenge.moreless
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