Tales of The Wizard of Oz

(ended 1961)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Return To Oz
      Return To Oz
      Episode 200
      A 1-hour special based off of the TV series, with redesigned versions of the characters and original songs.
    • The Wizard's Tail-Fins
      The Wizard and the gang go over to Oz Motors to buy a new car. They select a huge, fancy automobile. The dealer man demonstrates the car for him, and then Rusty and the Wizard go on a wild ride!
    • The Munchkin Robin Hood
      The Masked Munchkin swipes Dandy and Dorothy's picnic basket, and our heroes must try to retrieve it.
    • Don't Pick The Daisies
      Rusty Tinman and Dandy Lion ask the Wizard to give them what they desire (don't ask!), but when the Wizard tries to make Rusty a heart, his experiment fails, and it results in Dandy going bald and Rusty growing flowers out of his mouth!
    • The Fallen Star
      The Fallen Star
      Episode 113
      A star falls from the sky while Rusty and Socrates do some star-gazing. So Rusty Tinman builds a rocket to help get the star back to her spot in space.
    • It's A Dog's Life
      It's A Dog's Life
      Episode 112
      Dorothy tries to give Toto a bath, but naturally, Toto hates baths. So she has Dandy Lion and Socrates help her.
    • Love Sick
      Love Sick
      Episode 111
      The Wicked Witch longs for a man, so she makes a love potion, which looks like soda pop, and disguises herself to look pretty. She gives the potion to the Wizard, whom immediately proposes to the Witch, not knowing the trouble he's in for.
    • Mail-Order Lover
      Mail-Order Lover
      Episode 110
      Dandy has a girlfriend - a sexy lioness named Lulabelle he chats via mail with in the Lonely Hearts Club. But when he sends a false photo of him doing a brave deed, Lulabelle wants to come and meet Dandy Lion personally! So Dandy requires help from the Wizard so no one finds out.moreless
    • Going To Pieces
      Going To Pieces
      Episode 109
      After a tune-up by the Wizard, Rusty Tinman takes a nap. But the Wicked Witch of the West unscrews Rusty and steals his iron pellets (his food). When the Tinman wakes up, he falls apart!
    • The O.N.
      The O.N.
      Episode 108
      Due to a little see-saw mishap, two territories of Munchkins break out into a war of bow-and-arrows. Dandy Lion watches and tells the Wizard, who calls a meeting of the Oz Nations to do something about the battle!
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 107
      The Wicked Witch magically transforms herself into a near-perfect Rusty Tinman, and plays evil pranks on Dandy Lion and Socrates. However, when the REAL Rusty shows up, the old double-trouble gags begin!
    • The Clock Watchers
      The Clock Watchers
      Episode 106
      Socrates Scarecrow has several Munchkins create a bridge to help Dorothy and Toto get back to Kansas. However along the way, the bridge collapses (thanks to the idiotic Scarecrow's antics) and they fall to the land of Tick-Tock! All the residents are clocks including an elderly Grandfather Clock. Socrates and Dorothy wind the clocks since the old clock watcher left the land.moreless
    • The Witch's Boyfriend
      Tired of being wooed by a phony television hunk (called "Romeo Repulsive,") the Wicked Witch decides to make her OWN boyfriend. She nabs Socrates and magically makes him into a sexy Romeo! However, watching the action, a little Munchkin snitches to the Wizard about the evildoings.
    • Too Much Heart
      Too Much Heart
      Episode 104
      Rusty Tinman disobeys his good conscience and listens to his evil conscience, to go into the Wizard's lab and make a heart. He chooses the wrong spell (called "King of Hearts") and the magic just makes hundreds of King-of-Heart cards!
    • The Bubble Champ
      The Bubble Champ
      Episode 103
      Socrates finds a way to help Dorothy, the bubble-gum champ of Kansas, get back to her hometown. The Witch goes in onto the plan to make Dorothy's homeward-bound hopes become a (literal) train wreck!
    • The Sucker
      The Sucker
      Episode 102
      Dandy Lion, being frightened by his own shadow, is confronted by the ghost of his grandfather. He tells Dandy how he used to have courage as a baby and in his childhood. Turns out, it must have been Dandy's childhood habit of thumb-sucking giving him courage!
    • The Reunion
      The Reunion
      Episode 101

      The Wicked Witch is invited to a reunion of the Oz School for Sorcerers. There she meets her old schoolmates, Velma Villain (another witch) and Frankie Draculoff (a Frankenstein-esque monster.) They reminisce about old times, including picking on a goody-goody young Wizard of Oz (whom they nicknamed "Little Woo-Woo."

    • The Jail Breakers
      The Jail Breakers
      Episode 100
      While doing paper deliveries for Rusty, Toto is captured by the evil Oz dog catcher and taken to the pound! Now it's up to Rusty to bail Toto out of jail... I mean the pound.
    • The Great Oz Auto Race
    • The Do-It-Yourself Heart
    • Well Done
      Well Done
      Episode 96
      Once again, the Witch tries to send Desmond the Dragon to eat up Dorothy. However, Dorothy and Dandy have just finished building a barbecue grill, so they invite Desmond to eat with them.
    • The Wizard's Promise
      The Wizard keeps his promise of getting Socrates, Dandy and Rusty what they wanted. But he simply does a half-**sed job at it, such as giving Rusty a heart-shaped chocolate box, Socrates a diploma, etc.
    • The Three Musketeers
      Dandy Lion reads to Munchkins the story of the Three Musketeers, picturing himself, Socrates and Rusty as the musketeers, the Wizard of Oz as the king, and the witch as the evil Countess.
    • The Poet
      The Poet
      Episode 87
      When Socrates and Rusty go to a beatnik coffee shop where Dandy Lion performs "beatnik poetry," their state of being "financially invalid" causes a crazed teenage Munchkin waitress to force them into dish-washing.
    • The Green Tomato
      The Green Tomato
      Episode 86
      When Rusty Tinman goes on vacation to Salad Gardens, he finds a misfit out of the sexy female tomatoes - a lone, green tomato. He helps her fit in, even by trying to paint her with red lipstick! But this green tomato may not REALLY be a tomato...
    • The Fire Chief
      The Fire Chief
      Episode 85
      Rusty, Socrates and Dandy are fire chiefs, but having three chiefs on duty leads to trouble, so Dorothy calls a meeting and makes Dandy Lion the new fire chief. Rusty is jealous, but then his workshop catches fire, and Dandy and Socrates (his assistant) bravely put out the fire for him!moreless
    • The Dinner Party
      The Dinner Party
      Episode 84
      Dorothy decides to throw a dinner party for Socrates, Rusty and Dandy. But when she tries to make a Crepe Suzette for dinner, it burns in the oven and makes everybody sick.
    • The Strawman Twist
      The Strawman Twist
      Episode 83
      Everyone is preparing for the Munchkin Dance Contest, with Rusty tap-dancing and Dandy doing ballet, that is, except for Socrates Strawman, who can't dance. So Dorothy uses a fan to make the light-as-straw scarecrow dance around in the wind!
    • The Raffle
      The Raffle
      Episode 82
      Rusty refuses to pay money for a charity raffle that Dorothy is holding. But when Dorothy sets up a fake heart as the prize, Rusty pays all he's got for the raffle tickets.
    • Gabe The Gobbler
      Gabe The Gobbler
      Episode 81
      It's Thanksgiving, so Dandy, Socrates and Rusty catch a live turkey bird. Rusty plans to kill it and cook it, but Socrates and Dandy befriend the fowl and name it Gabe. How can Socrates and Dandy feel about losing a new friend?
    • The Cool Lion
      The Cool Lion
      Episode 80
      The Wizard tells Dandy Lion that the problem of Dandy being a coward is that he is too warm. So he tries to cool him down for courage, but none of them really work, not even freezing the big feline!
    • The Big Brother
      The Big Brother
      Episode 79
      Rusty harasses a young Munchkin who was fooling around with his car. But the Munchkin's brother accidentally stumbles into the Wizard's growth formula and becomes gigantic, ready to pulverize the tin man!
    • Roll The Presses
      Roll The Presses
      Episode 78
      Rusty runs the Oz newspaper business, with Dandy Lion working on the ink and printers. He then hires Socrates as a reporter to get the "scoop" from the Wizard.
    • The Long Hair
      The Long Hair
      Episode 77
      The Wicked Witch of the West is having a bad hair day, so she talks Rusty into getting her a wig and promises a heart for the Tinman. The source of hair for the "wig" is from Dandy Lion's beautiful mane!
    • The Golden Touch
      The Golden Touch
      Episode 76
      Rusty Tinman has a dream where, in the style of King Midas, anything he touches turns to gold! At first, he finds it great, but soon it becomes hard to eat things, or sleep, etc.
    • The Bull Fighter
      The Bull Fighter
      Episode 75
      Dandy Lion does not like how Rusty and Socrates are playing "bullfight" (with Socrates as the bull). So Dandy wishes he was in the bullring to show them, and, thanks to the magic ring a Munchkin gave him, he goes right to a bullfight! But, as usual, he chickens out when he sees the bull.moreless
    • Free Trade
      Free Trade
      Episode 74
      Socrates and Rusty trade their brain and heart, so Rusty now has a heart and Socrates has a brain! But now they begin to talk and act like each other, with Rusty being a kind dimwit and Socrates being a big bully!
    • The Invisible Man
      The Invisible Man
      Episode 73
      The Wicked Witch pours some of her invisibility formula into Rusty Tinman's oil can. When Rusty oils himself, he vanishes from view, confusing everybody!
    • The Scarecrow
      The Scarecrow
      Episode 72
      The Witch needs to protect her corn garden from crows, so she attatches Socrates Strawman to a pola, and uses the poor scarecrow to frighten the birds away. But Socrates then devises a plan to give the Witch a taste of her own medicine.
    • Rusty Rusty
      Rusty Rusty
      Episode 71
      When the Wizard swipes Rusty's oil can to work on one of his inventions, the Tinman immediately rusts (he just took a shower). Dorothy and Socrates mistaken Rusty for a statue and paint him with funny designs, and then bring him to the Wizard, who revives him.
    • The Yellow Brick Road
      The Wicked Witch has replaced the golden bricks in the Yellow Brick Road with lemon-drop bricks, and used the bricks to build a castle. Now Dandy Lion and the Wizard must get the bricks back!
    • The Cat's Meow
      The Cat's Meow
      Episode 69
      The Wicked Witch has another scheme against Dorothy: she magically transforms herself into a cat, and when Dorothy adopts the "cat" and goes out, the Witch causes destruction in the house and makes Toto take the blame!
    • The Salesman
      The Salesman
      Episode 68
    • The Inferior Decorator
      Dandy Lion uses his own decorating skills to fix up the Wizard's falling-apart castle. But the Wizard is displeased with the results and attempts to do it himself, with rather predictable results.
    • Be a Card
      Be a Card
      Episode 66
      Being Wizard of Oz is only a temporary term, so the Wizard has the Munchkin campaign manager help him. But when the Wizard gives the Munchkin his talking soda, the Munchkin decides to run for Wizard instead!
    • Roar, Lion, Roar
      Roar, Lion, Roar
      Episode 65
      Dorothy hears about a lion-roaring contest, and the lion with the loudest roar will get to go to Hollywood. Since Hollywood is in the same country as Kansas, Dorothy tries to enter Dandy Lion, who has a very weak kitten-like meow for a roar. But when Socrates shows off his animal-sounds record, Dorothy comes up with an idea that Rusty would come up with!moreless
    • The Coat Of Arms
      The Coat Of Arms
      Episode 64
    • The Skills Of Bravery
      Dandy Lion is sick of being a coward, so Rusty Tinman concocts another get-rich-quick scheme with the help of Desmond the Blue Dragon to help Dandy Lion gain courage.
    • Guaranteed For Life
    • Monkey Air Lift
      Monkey Air Lift
      Episode 61
      Dorothy wants Ham and Baker, the flying monkeys, to help fly Dorothy and Toto back to Kansas. But it isn't easy when it suddenly gets all foggy, and Dandy becomes aware of the winged monkeys' presence and naturally gets scared.
    • Friends Of A Feather
      The Wizard decides to fly Dorothy and Toto back to Kansas by gluing feathers to his arms. But when the sun melts off the "wings", they call the winged monkeys Ham and Baker to rescue them.
    • The Super-Duper Market
      Rusty is opening a supermarket, but has stiff competition from the Oz Super Duper Market, where Dandy Lion and Socrates work. Rusty has Socrates do poorly at his job at the market, so Socrates can get fired. Socrates does a poor job, of course. But before Dandy can fire him, the female Munchkin that Socrates delivered groceries too loved the service, so she and her friends are going to do all their shopping at the Super Duper Marker!moreless
    • Chowy Mein
      Chowy Mein
      Episode 49
      The Wizard's book of wizardry is missing, and he thinks someone stole it. So he hires Chowy Mein, a Chinese detective, to find it.
    • The Cultured Lion
      The Cultured Lion
      Episode 48
      Dandy Lion takes Socrates and Rusty to the art museum. There, Rusty acts like a big-shot art expert. Then Dandy is accidentally locked in the museum at closing time, just as the statues come alive!
    • Leap Frog
      Leap Frog
      Episode 47
      The Tin Man repairs the pool of the Frog King (who naturally is French). As thanks, the King gives Tin Man a horn that will summon frogs anytime he needs them.
    • The Green Thumb
      The Green Thumb
      Episode 46
      Dandy Lion is really proud of the flowers he grows, especially his rose bushes. However, the Wicked Witch is allergic to roses and tries to destroy the roses with a bunch of caterpillars. But Socrates comes to the rescue!
    • All In A Lather
      All In A Lather
      Episode 45
      Dandy Lion runs a barber shop/hair salon. He has the Good Witch of the South coming as a customer, but the Wicked Witch of the West is determined to ruin the hair appointment.
    • Watch the Bouncing Bull
      Dorothy and Socrates cross paths with Robbie the Rubber man, whom shows off his stretching talents to Socrates. However, a stray bull nearly attacks our heroes, but not with Robbie around!
    • An Optical Delusion
      Topsy-Turvy (the mayor of Topsy-Turvy town) and his servant don right-side up shoes and go to Oz to visit the Wizard. Meanwhile, Dandy Lion's eyes are going bad and he has glasses, but he thinks his eyes are going crazy when he sees Topsy's upside-down car!
    • The School Marm
      The School Marm
      Episode 42
      After having rid of the old schoolmaster, the Wicked Witch ties up the current teacher and takes her place at the Oz School House, where Dorothy and Socrates are students.
    • The Hillies and the Billies
      While hiking and mountain climbing at Oz Hills, Dorothy and the Wizard spot an old-fashioned hillbilly named Zeek Hilly. Zeek drinks corn soda pop (which the Wizard can't stand) and he is also fighting against Zed Billy.
    • Beauty And The Beach
      The Wicked Witch plans on going to her private beach, but finds it populated by Munchkins! If that's not enough, Dandy Lion's a lifeguard there and Socrates is selling hot dogs. So the Witch hatches a plan to scare everyone out of her beach.
    • The Pudgy Lion
      The Pudgy Lion
      Episode 39
      Dandy Lion has a weight problem and can't play tennis with Rusty, so he is sent to a weight-loss clinic.
    • The Great Laurso
      The Great Laurso
      Episode 38
      A former opera singer, the great Laurso, discovers Socrates's singing talent, and tries to make him an opera star. But he loses his voice before one of the performance, so Laurso fills his voice in for him.
    • Boomer Rang
      Boomer Rang
      Episode 37
      This episode features Boomer Rang the World Boxing Champ (a boxing kangaroo). During one of his personal appearances, Socrates knocks him out and must fight the marsupial in the ring.
    • The Family Tree
      The Family Tree
      Episode 36
      After being tossed out of his house by the Wicked Witch, Dandy Lion is visited by the ghost of his grandfather, who tells him all about his courageous ancestors.
    • The Gusher
      The Gusher
      Episode 35
      Rusty is given a whole land by a Southern Colonel, whom says that the land is full of oil. So the Tinman and Socrates set out to find that oil. Of course, the Colonel just made up the oil story, but Socrates and Rusty then strike black gold!
    • Down In The Mouth
      Down In The Mouth
      Episode 34
      After Socrates and Dandy make some taffy and eat it, Dandy winds up with a toothache. Dandy does not want to go to the Wizard to get it pulled out, so Socrates tries it himself.
    • The Flipped Lid
      The Flipped Lid
      Episode 33
      Dandy tries to help Dorothy get back to Kansas by growing a big tree that will take them there. However, it only takes them to Topsy-Turvy Town, where they learned that the Wizard just got amnesia!
    • To Stretch A Point
      To Stretch A Point
      Episode 32
      Dorothy and Socrates and Binky the Pelican try flying to Kansas again. But this time, the Wicked Witch generates a thunderstorm, which causes our heroes to crash-land in Rubberland! Fortunately, Robby the Rubber Man helps them out.
    • On The Wing
      On The Wing
      Episode 31
      Socrates has an idea on how to get Dorothy back to Kansas... they'll fly in the mouth of Binky, Socrates's new pet pelican! But the Wicked Witch tries knocking the bird and our heroes out of the air.
    • The Big Shot
      The Big Shot
      Episode 30
      Rusty Tinman comes up with a method to help get Dorothy and Toto back to Kansas: by shooting them out of a cannon! However, they crash-land in a fancy dinner party instead.
    • The Monkey Convention
      The Wizard and Rusty transform the castle into a fancy hotel because the Flying Monkey convention is coming for their next meeting. Turns out, the Monkeys are painful pranksters and our heroes want them out! Not even Munchkins can get rid of them.
    • The Flying Carpet
      The Flying Carpet
      Episode 28
      Socrates Scarecrow and Dandy Lion fly around on a magic carpet the Scarecrow got this morning. But things take a turn for the worse when the Giant Beatnik of Cloud Nine kidnaps them!
    • The Green Golfer
      The Green Golfer
      Episode 27
      Socrates, Rusty and Dandy are playing golf. However, Munchkins make mischief and Rusty shuts them up. The Munchkins get revenge on the tinman by rigging the game.
    • Places, Please
      Places, Please
      Episode 26
      With producer Maxamillion Cinema coming to Oz, Rusty prepares his play. But Dandy, Toto, Dorothy and ESPECIALLY Socrates nearly ruin the show!
    • The Count
      The Count
      Episode 25
      The Wicked Witch of the West chats with her boyfriend, The Count. But when he leaves this world, the Witch makes her own absentminded Count that needs a brain. She relies on Dandy Lion for a brain!
    • The Sound of Munchkins
      After making a telephone, the Wizard makes a soda that makes two Munchkins talk! But when the Munchkins start hogging the telephone, there's talking trouble ahead!
    • Have Your Pie And Eat It Too
      Dorothy bakes roast chicken and a pie for Rusty Tinman, who's coming over for dinner. The Wicked Witch sneaks in and hides in the oven. But then Rusty enters, which leads into a mess of things!
    • To Bee Or Not To Bee
      The Wicked Witch of the West tries to use Dandy Lion to steal some honey from a hive of angry bees. However, her plan backfires when the bees listen to Dandy's orders.
    • The Music Men
      The Music Men
      Episode 21
      While going fishing, Socrates Rusty and Dandy fish up a trombone, drum and cymbals. They wonder why they're there and they practice playing. Their music sounds horrible, and when they play for the Wizard, he says the instruments were thrown in the lake because the previous musicians were TERRIBLE!
    • The Bag Of Wind
      The Bag Of Wind
      Episode 20
      After saving a Munchkin from danger, Dorothy, Toto and the Wizard go sailing. They use the Wizard's bag of wind to move the boat, but the wind causes a storm!
    • The Search
      The Search
      Episode 19
      The Wizard's magic wishbone is missing, so he, Socrates and Rusty look for it, as well as a running gag where they mess through an overloaded closet. They also turn the place upside down (LITERALLY!)
    • Dandy's Dilemma
      Dandy's Dilemma
      Episode 18
      Dandy Lion has a house redecorating service. He also paints furniture that magically becomes real. However, one of his new clients turns out to be the Wicked Witch of the West!
    • The Happy Forest
      The Happy Forest
      Episode 17
      Socrates and Dandy Lion picnic in the happy forest. Little do they know that all the plants there are alive and want their food! Dandy winds up becoming king of the forest.
    • The Rubber Man
      The Rubber Man
      Episode 16
      Dorothy and Rusty find themselves in a rubbery land after trying to fly, where they meet the stretchy, stuttering Robby the Rubber Man!
    • The Fountain of Youth
      Dandy gets advice from the Wizard to roar for courage. But, however, the Wizard has his own problems. His water of youth shrunk him back into a baby!
    • Stuffed
      Episode 14
      The Wicked Witch needs a soft mattress, so she kidnaps Socrates to stuff him into the bed. Now Dorothy and Dandy Lion must rescue Socrates from the Witch before he stays a mattress forever!
    • Heart Burn
      Heart Burn
      Episode 13
      In search for a heart, Rusty buys one from the Wicked Witch of the West disguised as a gypsy. The heart turns out to be a ticking timer bomb.
    • Gung-Ho Gang
      Gung-Ho Gang
      Episode 12
      Socrates, Dandy and Rusty join the army, which causes explosive mishaps with the strict sergeant.
    • Misfire Miss
      Misfire Miss
      Episode 11
      The Wizard of Oz and the gang build a powerful rocket that'll try to send Dorothy back to Kansas. But, as always, disaster comes near with our heroes doing something dangerous!
    • Desmond's Dilemma
      Desmond's Dilemma
      Episode 10
      We are introduced to Desmond the Blue Dragon, whom is suffering from a heartburn and doesn't want to do the Wicked Witch's dastardly deed to sabotage the Wizard's party and eat Dorothy. However, the flightless dragon causes some trouble at the party, until the Wizard extinguishes Desmond's heartburn.
    • The Big Cake Bake
      Dorothy and the Wizard try cooking in the kitchen and baking a cake for lunch, but it leads up to a big mess, including a flood of cake batter!
    • Shadow Shakes
      Shadow Shakes
      Episode 8
      Because he's afraid of his own shadow, Dandy Lion seeks help from the Wizard to give him courage leading into trouble!
    • Movie Maid
      Movie Maid
      Episode 7
      In order to kindap Dorothy and make her a slave, the Wicked Witch disguises as actress Miss Lashes Goregous to get in the castle. Meanwhile, Socrates gets a movie magazine in his head for a brain, making him act like a Hollywood actor.
    • Machine-Gun Morris
      A gangster, Machine Gun Morris, and his assistant Louie, drive into the land of Oz and are dazzled by the weirdness and magical things occuring. They try to rob the Emerald Castle.
    • The Balloon Buzz
      The Balloon Buzz
      Episode 5
      The Wizard makes a balloon that will send Dorothy and Toto back to Kansas, along with Rusty Tinman. But the Wicked Witch has plans to sabotage it.
    • The Magic Hat
      The Magic Hat
      Episode 4
      Dorothy first meets Socrates Strawman. The Wizard performs more magic tricks, and has some trouble with his magic top hat. Socrates volunteers with the act.
    • Leapin' Lion
      Leapin' Lion
      Episode 3
      Dorothy first meets the Wizard of Oz. She tells him about his problem. The Wizard performs some magic, spooking Dandy Lion, before trying to send Dorothy back to Kansas for the first time.
    • Pilot: Part Two (The Witch Switch)
      Dandy Lion is sent to get more seeds, since the Wicked Witch of the West stole them. Along the way, Dandy Lion meets Dorothy and Toto for the first time. They try to get even with the witch.
    • Pilot: Part 1 (Untitled)
      We are introduced to the Wizard, Socrates Strawman, Dandy Lion and Rusty Tinman. The Wizard sends the characters off to complete the heart recipe.