Tales of Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 39

Appointment on Mars

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jun 27, 1952 on ABC

Episode Recap

The story opens with a shot of a spaceship standing on the Martian surface. The three astronauts are enjoying themselves in front of their pup tent while getting ready to search for minerals. (This version of Mars, by the way, seems to have a quite breathable atmosphere, mild temperatures and so no space suits are needed.) As they explore, a Geiger counter which one of them is holding, begins ticking quite steadily. They feel they have found a huge deposit of uranium and will all be rich. Soon, one of them begins complaining of a headache. Not long after, another thinks he is being watched.. They are now snapping at each other and it's getting worse especially since they're all carrying sidearms. Is greed getting to them? Is there something wrong with the atmosphere after all? Or is it something else?