Tales of Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 35

The Little Black Bag

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 30, 1952 on ABC



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    • Doctor Fulbright: Oh, I'm tired. Tired.
      Angie: Oh, you poor little man. What do you know about being tired? I'm tired, too. Tired of wearing shabby clothes, tired of living in cheap rooms and listening to your excuses. Tired? What from? You haven't earned a dollar in a month.

    • Pawnbroker: I--I thought maybe you'd come to take something out. You know, your watch, perhaps.
      Doctor Fulbright: A man has nothing to do, he needn't keep track of time.

    • Doctor Fulbright: Now you tell me how much I can get on that bag.
      Pawnbroker: Okay. Okay, but I hate doing it. So I can let you have $25.
      Doctor Fulbright: $25. For twenty-five years. No profit in that. I'll take it.

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