Tales of Tomorrow

ABC (ended 1953)





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  • TV's Full Fledged Science Fiction Series.

    Perhps "Lights Out" sometimes veered a little int Sci-Fi territory and there were some children's shows which blurred Science fiction & fantasy. However, it was "Tales of Tomorrow" that truly introduced serious Science fiction to the homes of those pioneers fortunate enough to take the plunge and own a set in 1951, when commercial TV was but a decade old..

    Although a bit uneven from story to story, the series definitely had it's share of decent to excellent episodes. This early period of TV along with it's "live" nature tended to encourage experimentation. And now, over 60 years later, we can be thankful to these early innovators. Shows like "Tales of Tomorrow", "Out There", "Lights Out" & "Suspense" paved the way for shows like "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "One Step Beyond" "Thriller", "The Twilight Zone", & "The Outer Limits" (The last two especially being descendents of "Tales of Tomorrow" & "Out There".

    Of the 85 or so episodes originally broadcast, we are fortunate enough to be able to access at least 42. Of those, forty appear on the 3 volume Wade Williams/Image entertainment DVD's. Two more episodes "The Diamond Lens" & "A Child is Crying" have turned up either on VHS/DVD+R's or on line, giving us roughly half the total series.

    Since "Lost" TV series seem o turn up every so often, maybe we can keep our fingers crossed in hopes taht more (if not ALL) of these might be discovered. This is an early series that would justify a complete release!