Tales of Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 8

The Dark Angel

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Sep 28, 1951 on ABC



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    • Tim: Sure, sure my wife was an angel. That's why I had to kill her. We've got the wrong idea of angels, my friend. They're not good. That's why I had to kill her before she killed me.

    • Tim: Then you have to stop it, dear, you must.
      Joanne: I can't stop it, I can't stop it. Can you expect a plant to stop growing, can you make it go back into a seed? I can't help it. I'm becoming a different being.

    • Tim: But tonight, as I walked in, my heart almost stopped. There she was, more beautiful and radiant than ever. If it was if she had come back after all. This horrible nightmare was over. My Johanna was mine again. Warm and beautiful, right in front of me.

    • Tim: I suppose it's murder. I'd call it execution. She was my wife but she wasn't human anymore. She could have made the world unfit to live in. If I hadn't killed her, someone else would have. People like her have to be killed and killed they will be! This so-called new class will find out that might does not make right, now or in the future.

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