Season 1 Episode 25

A Baloo Switcheroo

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Oct 16, 1990 on

Episode Recap

Baloo and Kit accompany Professor O'Bowens to an island to find the Idol of the Spirit Switcher, only to find Don Karnage and the air pirates want it as well. O'Bowens distracts the pirates so Baloo and Kit can escape with the idol. On the way home Baloo's plane is struck by lightning, and he and Kit switch bodies. As they try to figure out how to change back but Baloo and Kit have to deal with the problems of each other live's like a flying a contest and track and field tryouts , Don Karnage arrives in Cape Suzette to steal the idol, and has a scuffle with Becky. In the scuffle Karnage's sword hits an electric socket and then he and Becky are switched as well. In Rebecca's body, Karnage escapes with the idol without quite grasping that he'd switched bodies. From there, the mixed-up Baloo, Kit, and Rebecca in Karnage's body strike out with O'Bowens to recover the idol from the pirates. Lightning fortunately manages to strike twice when Baloo gets the idea to use cloud-seeding to whip up a powerful storm. Everyone manages to switch back to normal... except for MadDog and Dumptruck, who end up switched as the episode closes.

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