Season 1 Episode 25

A Baloo Switcheroo

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Oct 16, 1990 on

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  • One of the more interesting Talespin episodes

    I have to say, I really love it when a plot involves something as big as switching bodies or something of that nature. When done right, it's alot of fun to watch.

    Although, I won't lie. This one did have its flaws.

    #1: In-spite of several main characters switching bodies, they kept their voices in the process. Yea, I'm sorry, but that's just stupid. I mean, why couldn't they have them keep their voices, but just act differently? Heck, I would've love to see Kit calling Rebecca Becky in his voice or Baloo calling her Miss Cunningham in his. That would have been hilarious to see her reaction to it. And Rebecca's VA acting like Don Karnage and visa versa? Oh c'mon, you can't tell me that would have been a hoot.

    #2: Rebecca Cunningham doesn't raise more suspicion about Baloo and Kit when they speak in each other's body. I'm sorry, but you'd think she would have realized something was up as time went on. But no, she actually believes their story about something wrong with her hearing. Yea, I find it pretty dumb the air pirates acted smarter about it when Karnage came back as Rebecca. Then again, maybe they were too distracted by the fact they had a pretty female in their midst.

    #3: The whole idea of them having to change back by sunup or be stuck that way forever. Yea, I could have maybe bought it for Baloo and Kit having been like that the whole day, but Karnage and Rebecca too? C'mon! And the Professor making it a 400 mile sail in less than 24 hours? Yea, I call BS on that too.

    Be as that may, I do love some of the banter the characters had when swapping bodies. Baloo when doing Kit's tryouts in his body was pretty funny I have to say. And the Air Pirates reacting to Rebecca when Karnage was in hers was comical as well. Heh, it was even kinda funny Mad Dog and Dump Truck swapped in the end as well.

    Does that mean they would have to find the idol again just to swap back? I guess it was done as a one off joke mostly.

    Anyhow, all and all, while this episode wasn't that well written, it did have just enough interesting moments to make it entertaining. So, a 7 out of 10.
  • Great Episode!!

    Baloo and kit are hired to fly Professor O'Bowens, an archeologist, to a forbidden temple to find a mystical idol. After he aquires it, the pirates reveal themselves and demand the idol. Not to lose the it so easily, O'Bowens gives the idol to Kit and Baloo and tells them to return without him. He warns them not to look into the idol's eyes during a thunder storm, but the two get curious as to what would happen and tempt fate, resulting in them switching bodies. The two must then cope with their new positions until O'Bowens returns, and avoid the pirates who are still seeking the idol. However, they find they have until sunrise the next day to return to normal or be trapped like this forever.