Season 1 Episode 20

A Star Is Torn

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Oct 04, 1990 on

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  • Okay Episode

    In this episode, Baloo saves the life of Kitten Kaboodle, a famous star from Starrywood. In return, she invites him to co-star in her latest movie. But when they arrive, it turns out the accident wasn't a coincidence, it's one in a series of accidents they have been occuring on the Kitten Kaboodle movie set. Becky tries to explain this to Baloo, but he's too star struck by Mrs. Kaboodle. So, alone, Becky tries to solve the case. Can she convice Baloo or will it be to late will he die in a plane crash stunt gone bad because of Kitten Kaboodle.