Season 1 Episode 65


Aired Daily 12:00 PM May 03, 1991 on

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  • One of the better TaleSpin episodes

    The more I look at this episode, the more I can't help but love it.

    Ok, to be fair, it does have one glaring plot hole: The idea of a group of fighter pilots surviving 20 years frozen in the Arctic. Even if it is a kid's cartoon, that's seriously alot to buy. Add in the fact their planes and weapons still work without any problems really does sound make this whole concept sound completely absurd.

    However, to the episode's credit. Rick Sky is a pretty interesting character. Even memorable too. Not to mention I love the idea of Baloo working together with a fighter pilot. I mean, he's been shot at so much by Karnage and his pirates, why not have one who can shoot back at them for once?

    And that's where the real epicness of this episode kicks in. Rick Sky and his squadron actually have a pretty cool dogfight near the end of the episode with Karnage's group. The only thing I didn't like about it is it was resolved way too abruptly. I mean, just throwing a grenade from above and knocking off some propellers to get them to retreat? Kinda underwhelming. Not to mention, I seriously have my doubts if the latter of it could even be done.

    Oh well... in-spite of it not being as awesome as I wished it could have been, I would be lying if I didn't say this episode is definitely action packed. Heck, it's even a bit emotional too when Rick Sky and his group take off for who knows where. Makes me wonder where they went, being low on fuel and all.

    So, that's why I give it a 7 our of 10. Not perfect, but a darn good one nonetheless.
  • Good Episode

    In this episode, Baloo is reading about the Great War pilot Rick Sky, who vanished 20 years ago transporting silver for the war effort. The disappearance lead to the belief that he and his crew stole the silver for themselves. While avoiding Don Karnage and his pirates, he sees a distress flash from a downed pilot. When he stops to investigate, it's a man claiming he's the legendary Rick Sky. Baloo says that Rick sky would be 50, but he only like a man that is 30. When they return to Higher for Hire, Rick says he needs to restore the honor of squadron, for they were not theieves. Only he can't remember what happened the day of the disappearance. Becky won't give in, claiming this man cannot be Rick Sky. When Baloo sticks to his guns, he's surprised to find the man stealing the Sea Duck. Now Baloo must get his plane back, avoid Don Carnage and his pirates, and finally find out who this mysterious man really is.
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