Season 1 Episode 65


Aired Daily 12:00 PM May 03, 1991 on



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    • Baloo: Be careful. There's five times as many of them as you.
      Rick: I know it does seem a tad unfair, but we'll let them have the first shot.

    • (Baloo has set off a shipment of fireworks inside Don Karnage's airship)
      Don Karnage: We are under attack! Fire! (Gibber whispers in his ear) Yes, I see nothing either, too. That is why we must shoot everything not in sight!

    • Baloo: Sounds like ole Karnie's still one taco short of a combination plate.

    • Baloo: Baloo to Karnie. Baloo to Karnie.
      Don Karnage: Baloo? I have your plane, you know. It's a lovely...hey, what are you doing unblown-up?

    • Baloo: Just because I'm helping you skedaddle doesn't mean you're off the hook.
      Rick: If you're so angry, why don't you just leave me to the pirates?
      Baloo: Because even a low-down, stinkin' snake deserves better than that.
      Rick: Thanks, I suspected you liked me all along.

    • Rick: I say, can I give you a hand?
      Baloo: No, but maybe I could give you a fist!
      Rick: I see you're upset about the plane.

    • (Dumptruck brings a meal into Don Karnage's room where Baloo has on Don's cape and Dumptruck thinks that he is Don Karnage)
      Dumptruck: Your turkey lunch, captain. (Baloo accidentally hits him with the sword) Would you have preferred the ham? (falls to the floor, unconscious)

    • (Baloo climbs out of the garbage chute)
      Baloo: Gonna have to take a bath when I get back home. And it's only Monday!

    • Baloo: (spots an opening on Don Karnage's airship) Only an idiot would go in there. Might as well get started.

    • (some flak punches a hole in the bottom of Baloo's make-shift plane)
      Baloo: Just what I always wanted, a plane with its own basement.

    • (Wildcat has assembled a ramshackle plane)
      Baloo: Will it fly?
      Wildcat: (laughs) Will it fly? Will it fly? Might.

    • Baloo: Is it true you shot down thirty-seven planes?
      Rick: Thirty-eight, including myself.
      Baloo: You shot yourself down? Must've been awful anxious for a dogfight.

    • rebecca: Look, just get to work. You still have a shipment of fireworks to load and deliver.
      Baloo: Don't over-regurange it, sweetie. I'll get right on it. (Wildcat rolls by in a tire and crashes into a crate and Baloo walks over and takes the tire off) Wilcat, could you get right on it?
      (Wildcat takes a crate of fireworks and starts loading the Seaduck)
      Rebecca: Baloo, I said for you to load the fireworks.
      Baloo: I got someone to talk to.
      Rebecca: But, Wildcat will...(the fireworks that Wildcat loaded start going off)

    • (Wildcat is pulling a cart of gizmos and accidentally bumps Rebecca into a box of fireworks)
      Rebecca: Wildcat! Watch where you're going!
      Wildcat: Sorry, Mrs. Cunningham. Just bringing over some spare gizmos like ya asked. Gonna fix up the Duck as spic as a newborn span.

    • (Rick takes control of the Seaduck and dives past Don Karnage and his planes causing them to spin uncontrollably)
      Don Karnage: So, Baloo. You dare to crush Karnage? (getting queasy) You naughty, naughty boy. You will regret this. (getting even more queasy) As soon as I can find you.

    • Baloo: Just who are you?
      Rick: Where are my manners? Captain Rick Sky, leader of the Squadron of Seven.
      Baloo: (laughs) Oh yeah, right! And I'm Emilia Bearhart! (laughs) Leader of the Loonies!

    • (Baloo gets hit with a wave)
      Baloo: I knew I shoulda brought my umbrella.

    • (Baloo is flying through a rainstorm and comes under attack by Don Carnage and his pilots)
      Don Carnage: So Baloo, you don't even know enough to come in after the rain, eh?
      Baloo: Sorry, Carnie, but I'm not carrying any cargo this time. Will you take a raincheck?
      Don Carnage: Enough of your witless witticisms! Cargo or no, kiss your air ride goodbye!

    • Baloo:(Narrating the ending) And when it was over, the Squadron Of Seven flew off, never forgetting the lone pilot who helped them recover the treasure and their honor.

    • Wildcat: You know, using these leftover spare parts, I could probably make a plane in an hour.
      Baloo: Really?
      Wildcat: Sure. And since I only have half the parts, it'll only take half as long.

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