Season 1 Episode 66

Flying Dupes

Aired Weekdays 12:00 PM Aug 08, 1991 on

Episode Recap

Baloo is given the job of delivering a package to Thumbria's High Marshall's summer house by three o'clock and is promised that he will be named "Pilot of the Year" if he completes the job. The customer leaves and Baloo is excited about the award. Rebecca reminds him how hard it is to enter Thumbria and Baloo ignores her and is blinded by the though of getting the award.

The customer is on a payphone outside talking to a bomb plant manager in Thumbria. He takes off his disguise so that his comrade can understand him and says that he delivered the package. It is a bomb that is meant to scare the High Marshall into declaring war so they can start the factory up again and gain business, although they never intend for the bomb to reach its destination since if the High Marshall were killed, there wouldn't be any war declared.

The High Marshall is headed for his summer home and orders Spigot not to disturb him or he will be shot and to shut down all air vectors and anyone that disobeys will be shot. He then tells Spigot that everyone will go through a flying test when he returns and anyone that fails will be shot. he leaves and Spigot is worried since he doesn't know how to fly. He tells Dunder that he has to take flying lessons without anyone knowing since he is the head of the Air Force.

Baloo arrives at the first checkpoint and the guard tells him that all air vectors are closed and no one can enter unless Spigot allows them. Baloo spots Dunder and figures that he can buddy up to him in order to get to Spigot. Dunder tells Baloo about Spigot's flying issue and Baloo comes up with a plan. He will teach Spigot to fly if Spigot helps him get the package to the summer home. Spigot agrees and they take off. Baloo has Spigot open the air vectors so he can teach him how to fly. Spigot does so and Baloo uses a few tricks to make Spigot think that he is really flying the plane himself.

The traitor arrives at the Thumbria checkpoint and asks the guard if he wants to check his plane. The guard says no since Spigot opened the air vectors. The traitor then begins to panic and thinks that the bomb might actually be delivered and he takes off.

While they are flying to the summer home, Spigot spots a pilot hangout and wants to land there. Baloo protests but Spigot shuts down the air vectors and they are forced to land. The traitor arrives there shortly thereafter. Spigot wants to see the dancing girls before they go so Baloo and Dunder dress up and do a quick dance show and get Spigot to leave early. Spigot is enamored with the dressed up Baloo and Dunder and thinks that they are girls. He has them get on the plane with him and the package and they take off. He locks them in the hold of the plane as they are chased by the traitor. The traitor gets shot down since Spigot has closed the air vectors and Spigot is chased himself. He evades the planes and Baloo and Dunder get out of their disguises and narrowly make it to the cockpit during all the action.

They arrive at the High Marshall's summer home and Baloo convinces Spigot to deliver the package. The traitor arrives as Spigot enters the home and tells them that there is a bomb in the package and that it is set to go off at three o'clock. It is one minute until three o'clock now!

Spigot arrives at the High Marshall's bath chamber and is about to give him the present in order to ease the High Marshall's temper when Baloo arrives and says that there is a bomb in the package and throws it out the window. the High Marshall asks them why they were trying to blow him up and Baloo points to the traitor and the traitor points to Baloo. The traitor says that he is telling the truth as sure as he is standing on his spot. A dog brings the package in and everybody runs except the traitor and the bomb blows up and High Marshall says that Baloo was telling the truth.

The High Marshall thanks Spigot and Baloo for saving him and Spigot hogs the glory and the High Marshall asks hi m to fly the plane back to headquarters. Baloo tells Spigot to show the High Marshall his special manuever and Spigot first flies the plane roughly and then crashes the plane doing his special manuever, much to his dismay and the High Marshall's anger.

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