Season 1 Episode 66

Flying Dupes

Aired Daily 12:00 PM Aug 08, 1991 on



  • Trivia

    • High Mashall is in the tub with no clothes on when Spigot enters the room and when the shot moves to the ceiling looking down, High Marshall has his uniform on, and then the next shot he has no clothes again.

    • Dunder's soda bottle is empty when he is slurping it as Baloo is trying to convince Spigot to clear the air vectors and then it is half full in the shot of Baloo talking and when Spigot grabs it from Dunder it is still half full (even though he is holding it upside down trying to talk into it like it is the radio) and then it is shown empty again as he tosses it back to Dunder.

    • This is the second of two banned TaleSpin episodes the other being Last Horizons.

    • In 1999, Toon Disney accidently let the episode air but since then it has not been seen on Television in the US or Canada.

    • This episode has not aired on television since 9/11 due to its terrorist theme. In fact it has become so rare that many fan-made DVD sets do not have it.

  • Quotes

    • Baloo: Spiggy doesn't know how to fly? How'd he get to be head of the Air Force?
      Dunder: A clerical error.

    • Rebecca: Baloo, this summer home is very deep into Thumbria. You know how hard it is to get past Thimbrian checkpoints.
      Baloo: What are they going to do, blow me up? We're talking about a country that uses bathtubs instead of bombs.

    • (After Wally hears that the Sea Duck is on it's way to deliver the bomb to the High Marshall)
      Wally: If the High Marshall goes through the roof, bomb sales will go through the floor!

    • Baloo: Looks like Spigot isn't the only Dupe. My face is gonna be in every post office in town - on wanted posters.

    • Spigot: But this is the High Marshall's summer home!
      Baloo: Why son of a gun, so it is!

    • Baloo: Next lesson - how to get blown out of the sky in 5 easy steps.

    • Baloo: You can't just tap dance your way through Thembrian borders you know (Baloo is shown the poster of "Pilot of the Year") Bring me my dancin' shoe's!

    • Spigot: Wait, wait sir please! I'll do my special manouver - hanging a Spigot!
      (the plane plummets)
      High Marshall: Spiiiiiigooooooot!

    • Baloo: What makes you think there's a bomb?
      Wally: (puts on his weird client mask) 'Cause I'm the guy who put it there!

    • Baloo: It's been nice knowing you, Dunder.
      Dunder: Baloney.
      Baloo: No really, I mean that!
      Dunder: I mean it too!
      (the Sea Duck is pelted with lunch meats)

    • Baloo: Hello fly boys, hello.
      Dunder: We hope you like our show.
      Baloo: We're having lots of fun.
      Dunder: But we really gotta run.
      (pause while thinking)
      Dunder: So, something rhyming with "oh..."

    • Baloo: Well ,we can just zip right in, grab food to go and zip right out, right?
      Spigot: What?! And miss the 3 o'clock floor show?
      Baloo: 3 o'clock?! Oh, why do I get the feeling that this plaing lesson plan is about to blow up in my face?

    • Spigot: I am the head of the airforce Dunder! If anyne finds out my secret I'll be a laughing stock!
      Dunder: But you already are...

    • High Marshall: Spigot, you are the only one who has clearance to disturb me at my summer home. But don't, or you will be shot.

  • Notes

    • Despite the episode's ban, the episode was still released in the 3rd volume of TaleSpin on DVD (although TaleSpin Volume 3 is mainly sold through the Disney Movie Club).

    • Originally released in syndication

    • (March 2005): This was never ment to be the final episode of the series. The series was suppose to have a second season but due to other shows that were ready to come like Step By Step and others, the series was cancelled but did re-air on the weekdays on the Disney Adventures untill 1995, when the series moved to the Disney Channel.

    • It was banned for its terrorist theme

    • This episode was never re-aired following its original broadcast, and it is not included in the Toon Disney syndication package. Strangely enough, scenes from this episode can still be seen in the opening credits, such as Baloo in drag dancing with a red box under his arm. That red box contains the bomb he is duped into delievering in the episode.

    • An alternate description for this episode:
      "The cargo: a box. The pilot: Baloo. The recipient: the High Marshall of Thembria. The problem: a bomb. The solution: Colonel Spigot?"

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